A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

Fill in the blanks?

Posted by Pepper on June 7, 2008

I am: extremely crazy and stupid.

I think: I should be more brave, and break the walls I’ve built around myself.

I know: that nothing lasts forever.

I want: to know what I really want.

I have: the best family in the world.

I wish: I was intelligent and smart.

I hate: people who portray false feelings in a relationship.

I fear: death. Of my loved ones.

I feel: the happiest when I am with someone I love.

I hear: the patter of rain, voices in my head, somebody’s heart beat.

I smell: mostly fruity. Cos of the numerous fruity products I use.

I crave: for a holiday in the hills.

I search: for some answers that elude me.

I wonder: if I’ll ever get married.

I regret: letting some people walk all over me.

I love: intensely. With all my heart and all my soul.

I ache: when I see people I love suffering.

I care: a little too much at times.

I am not: good with numbers.

I believe: that everybody is good, nobody is really a bad person.

I dance: at home. On the bed and on the sofa/couch.

I sing: along, whenever I hear A R Rahman music

I cry: when no one’s looking.

I don’t always: try hard enough.

I fight: only with people I am close to.

I write: because I can’t do without it.

I win: when I really want to.

I lose: my senses at times.

I never: want to lose my loved ones

I always: keep family above everything

I confuse: people by talking too fast.

I listen: to my intuitions, and my mom.

I can usually be found: on my bed, either dreaming or day dreaming.

I am scared: of being lonely.

I need: to know that everyone around me is happy and content.

I am happy about: being the way I am.

I imagine: the worst. Which is why I always worry.


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