A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

Joys of childhood..

Posted by Pepper on June 8, 2008

Today was so much fun! Since two of my pals were home, we went out to the Aarey Jungle. Drove through the narrow road with the dense green cover on both sides. Went by the lake and hired a boat. The one where you paddle to move. The rain was so heavy! It was crazy to be out boating at such a time, but then crazy things are fun. The sudden current in the water kept rocking our boat and almost made it topple over at one point of time. Our combined shrieks at that time could have awoken the dead. And as we sat back giggling and getting soaked, I felt like a kid again.
I so wish I could go back to being a care free child. Is there anyway I can travel back in time? When I ran around in the building compound, climbed walls, played hide-n- seek with my little friends. When the only crucial discussions were, should we go to the terrace to fly a kite or should we play cricket on the backside of the building? When summer vacations meant playing in the staircase all day long. When monsoons meant finding earthworms in the mud, and holding them on leaves. When ‘a problem’ meant the shuttle cock landing on some unreachable ledge or a balcony. When excitement meant going out on the road on our bicycles, to have a glass of sugarcane juice. When I didn’t really understand the meaning of the word ‘worry’. Some life that was 🙂

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