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Bombay rains!

Posted by Pepper on June 11, 2008

I woke up to the sound of a lil crash. It was my vase!! My beautiful crystal vase had been knocked down. The huge sliding glass doors had been left open, and the rain and the howling wind, managed to move the curtains with such force, it brought the vase down :(. And when I looked out, I was truly amazed. The crackling bolts of lightning had ripped the sky apart. The thunder boomed as the rain pelted away. I just watched, in complete awe.
Mumbai rains! They’re unlike rains in other cities, where it is a steady drizzle for an hour or two. In this city, the rains make you feel the vehement fury. 26th July 05, a day no Mumbaikar will ever forget, comes to my mind each time I think of the raw fury of the rain. A day in which hundreds of people drowned. A lot of people got injured. A lot lost their loved ones. A day when I walked in neck deep water, held on to the ropes people had tied, had a million cuts on my bare feet, saw corpses of buffaloes floating past me, and felt terrified and thankful for being alive.
In spite of the ugly memories, I love the rain. I love Marine drive, and love tasting the salty ocean spray on my lips. Love watching the waves crash on the boulders. Love the rainy songs that are played on all the radio stations. Romance lingers in the air. Band stand, Worli Seaface, Marine drive, Reclamation, there are couples cuddling everywhere. A lot of happy, smiling faces. 🙂


5 Responses to “Bombay rains!”

  1. […] I can never really articulate my love for that place. Though I have written bits and pieces, like how much I love the Bombay rains, how I love the beaches and Marine Drive. And there even is  a picture of me jumping on Juhu […]

  2. Scribbler said

    Oh No..fir se Mumbai post ??? all you guys in this blog world are going to drive me crazy 😦 I M I S S Mumbai…do you hear that?? stop doing this to me,please !!!!!!

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