A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

Who am I?

Posted by Pepper on June 13, 2008

I was filling some form and it asked for an ‘introduction’. Which made me really think. How am I supposed to introduce myself? My name? What I have studied? Whose daughter I am? Where I live? How old I am?
Who am I really?
A media graduate?
Someone’s daughter?
Someone who gets startled with any kinda sound?
Someone who squeals in delight on seeing a brownie with chocolate syrup?
Someone who cant work unless its the very last minute?
Someone who worries like hell about the people she loves and cares for?
Someone who is often in a fix cos she doesn’t know how to say no to anybody?
Someone who loves to read?
Someone who loves to listen to slow hindi songs?
Someone who loves Linkin Park, and Floyd, and Zeppelin?
Someone who gets mad a lot but doesn’t show it?
Someone who gets cranky without her mug of coffee?
Someone who gets petrified by the idea of cooking?
Someone who hopes to be able to cook someday?
Someone who can be happy alone and lonely in a crowd?
Someone who cant stop sneezing if exposed to a lot of dust?
Someone who is lazy to the core?
Someone who loves silver junk?
Someone who dreamt of Prince Charming? And found one
Someone who truly enjoys watching Mr. Bean and Tom and Jerry?
Someone who is a soppy romantic?
Someone who is terrified of lizards?
Someone who wants to own a house on a beach?
Someone who is capable of wearing her pajamas to a restaurant?
Someone who is forever confused?
Someone who misses her college life?
Someone who is constantly living with fears?
Someone who will go out of her way and do anything she can for the people she cares for?
Someone who really values the people around her?
Someone who is clueless about where she is heading in life?
Someone who hated physics?
Someone who loves a good bath?
Someone who can play on the swings and the slides for hours?
Someone who enjoys some kind of physical pain at times?
Someone who wants to be a good person?


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