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My papa bestest!

Posted by Pepper on June 15, 2008

I am copy pasting something I wrote on Fathers Day last year, on my previous blog.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I feel some surging pride when i think of my dad. Because I feel proud that this endearing man is MY father. He’s bald (almost) and looks old for his age. Maybe thats why I find old men cute? I always believed my father is better than other fathers. Why you ask? Well.. He drove me to school, all my school life, right upto my 10th grade.Just because I wanted those 10 minutes of extra sleep and I thought the school bus came too early. My dad, he runs after me every morning, with a spoon full of honey (which has soaked almonds) and stuffs it into my mouth, every single morning. My milk has to be made only by him..he comes and hands me the mug, and when I refuse he insists that I have it, and sits right beside me till I gulp it down. If he’s home in the evenings, he’s the one who makes my coffee..not just for me, for my friends too, much to their amazement. I’ve seen my friends fathers dont take a glass of water on their own, let alone making coffee for their daughters and their friends..Have I told you about the oil massages he gives me? Do you know of too many fathers who do all this? Ok, you do? Don’t tell me about them. I believe my papa is the bestest 🙂
Right from the time I was about 4 years old, he’s been calling me “Angel baby” and “Princess” and continues to do so. It makes me really smile. His PJ’s are so ho-hum at times, I just smile and say “okay dad, am bored”. He targets not just us, but everybody around him…the poor souls cant even tell him they’re bored…or do they? But a lot of times, he does crack me up..and I enjoy talking to him.. about anything and everything.
Sure, we have our share of arguments, but it always has a foolproof way of ending. When we’re both cool, dad comes up to me, extends his hand and says “friends?”.. and I know nothing can weaken the bond between us, its unparallel. Hugging him is like hugging a fuzzy bear and dad I want to tell you today, that I absolutely love you. Happy Fathers Day!

PS* Mama, you are an absolute darling and one of my best friends..writing so much about dad makes me want to dedicate a whole new post to you, but i’ll save that for another day. This blog isnt too used to such heavy sentiments with dollops of nostalgia and emotions. Let dad hog the limelight today, since its Fathers Day


Its been a year. Not much has changed. Just that, my morning milk has turned into coffee. I don’t have too much to say to you this year papa. Just a huge thank you. For having me, loving me, feeding me, educating me, fighting with me, splurging on me, giving in to me, yelling at me, being there for me, and tolerating all my nakhras. I’ve spent most of the day lying on your lap, as we both watched TV. Its hard to put my inner most feelings in words, but I hope you understand. All that I can say is, I love you.


2 Responses to “My papa bestest!”

  1. wow, Your father is the bestest !!

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