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Presenting the lil man..

Posted by Pepper on June 20, 2008

I spent the day babysitting my cousin’s son. We decided to stay home for a bit since it was raining outside. It isn’t easy for a highly energetic kid to stay cooped up indoors. My room now resembles a cyclone struck site. I brought out the paints. Painting with a kid is so much fun. I watched him fill the colour in the boundaries, with such pride. After a while, he was more interested in painting his nails. He used his favourite blue colour on all his fingers. I know I should have stopped him, but I didnt. He gets to be a kid only once. Let him do as he pleases. My white bed sheet turned multicoloured with smears of blue, red and green. So we replaced it with some hideous floral print, the one you can see in the pics. We didn’t even bother changing the pillow covers 🙂

When the rain stopped, we went to the park. We watched the fountains, said hi to the duckies, sat on the slides, bought ballons, and had a great time. I really love kids.

Speaking of which, I’ve wanted babies of my own since I was 13. Thats what I really want in life. A happy family of my own. I wanna be there for them, every moment, and watch them grow. If I don’t get married, I’ll just adopt a couple of babies and bring them up with all the love in the world, and cherish them and all the small pleasures that come my way everyday. People my age have such different dreams, and here I am dreaming about happy families, and lil babies. I guess that makes me an outcast from the cool crowd.


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The infamous Mumbai jams..

Posted by Pepper on June 20, 2008

The snarling traffic jams in this city have been driving me (literally :D) insane. If the down pour of the rain is very heavy during high tide hours, all the water gets washed back in and the city starts flooding. It wrecks havoc on the roads. And, there is some kind of construction going on everywhere. Work in progress for the new flyovers being built. And, they’re digging all over the place for the Metro project. The combined outcome? ENDLESS JAMS. The implications?

I’ve learnt to exercise better self control. I don’t get delirious and ram into some random vehicle just for kicks. I *do* manage to retain my sanity, even under such circumstances.

I count numbers and deep breathe. A good way to pump up and oxygenate my nearly crippled lungs.

I’ve learnt how to drive while sleeping. Yes, its possible. Nope, I am not kidding. Spending nearly two hours in a car which is barely moving can make you very drowsy. You then learn to move on in that half asleep dopey state. You change gears without knowing it. You drive ahead without being fully conscious. And yet you’re alert enough. Do I sound like some maniac?

I genuinely appreciate friends who are willing to talk to me at that time.

The RJ from Radio City suddenly seems like my best friend.

The maddening jams make me ponder and think over things I avoid thinking about. The blocked road in fronta me leaves me with no escape route.

By the time I get home, I am too tired to argue with bengari, or anybody for that matter. I listen to whatever you say. Agree to whatever you say.

Not such a bad deal after all?

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