A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

Sweet cravings..

Posted by Pepper on October 5, 2008

Apart from chocolates, and all things chocolate, I’ve never really been fond of sweets. Which is why these cravings come to me as a surprise. So what is it that has brought about this change in me? Why am I perpetually dreaming of what I saw at the bakery or the super market? And why does my mind have to be occupied by never-ceasing thoughts of chocolates, caramel glazed donuts, applie pies, blue-berry cheese cakes, chocolate n walnut brownies, milk chocolate cookies, strawberry cakes, lemon tarts, pineapple pastries, eclairs and the likes?

Why do I find myself wishfully eyeing the tempting goodies, stored close to windows that are meant to entice moony souls like me? Why do I find myself counting my pennies outside sweet shops? Why do I find it so hard to battle the desires that are steadily turning me into a pauper? Why do these cravings make me tip toe to the kitchen in the dead of night to pop in a malteser or a piece of chocolate? Why do I promise myself, saying this is the “last one” and then not live up to it?

And when offered anything sweet, I pounce on it like a starving flood ravaged villager. God save the people around me.

At this rate, I’ll find myself out on the streets in the cold, with no food or shelter, only swirls of sweets surrounding me..


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