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When will attacks on Mumbai end?

Posted by Pepper on November 27, 2008


How the hell could they do that to Mumbai? How the hell can they do that to any city? So many lives have been extinguished so far. Why? What for? I am so sick of these acts of violence and terror.

Everytime I think I ‘ve managed to tuck away this feeling of despondency, I end up seeing flashes of news. I see the top of Taj go up in flames. I read about the people being held hostage. I see the mutiple explosions that rocked the city. I see the ongoing firings taking place. And I am struck by disbelief, shock and horror.

And it happened at places that I frequented regularly, like the Leopold Cafe? Taj and Gateway of India? How many times have we gone for drinks to Leo’s? And gone driving at night around the areas of Colaba, Taj and Gateway? That makes me identify with the victims so much more. It makes it more unbelievable and I cant comprehend anything beside those terrifying images.

And the worst part? Its knowing that the terrorists are still hiding and taking shelter within the city at this very moment. That the combined forces of the police, army, navy, ATS squad have been unable to evacuate them from the hotels and other places they are seeking shelter in. That the firings and blasts are taking place even now. Terror looms large in my city. Being so far away makes it worse for me. I wish I were back home in Bombay.



2 Responses to “When will attacks on Mumbai end?”

  1. sb said

    awww… it rly was terrible…

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