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I want..

Posted by Pepper on January 22, 2009

I’m sitting in the lab, hoping that the growls hollering out of my belly do not disturb the people around me. Unlike me, they all seem to be working in deep concentration, totally engrossed in their worlds. Yes, I am hungry. I know I can go to the cafeteria and pick up something that can relieve my famished soul, but today, I crave for something else.

I crave for chinese. Not the renowned, bland chinese food that is available in restaurants here. But Indian chinese. Chinese food that is sold on four wheeled carts on Mumbai roads. I wan’t spicy schezwan noodles. Artificially oranged. Eaten with tin forks that have been dipped in a bucket filled with muddy water, in the name of being washed.

I am craving that flavoured spice in the noodles that makes you smack your lips, for the flies that keep you company, for the parked cars that allow you to lean on them as you watch the vehicles go by, for the water that fills up your eye as you take in the spice, for the greasy plates that you return to the vendor.

I want Mumbai. I want India. I want chinese food. I want spicy schezwan noodles!! I want it all..!


2 Responses to “I want..”

  1. Jack Point said

    I think I understand this, quite a few friends of mine are like this. They want the Sri Lankan Chinese, every so often. It may not authentic, but it is yummy!

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