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I can never wake up!

Posted by Pepper on January 30, 2009

I do not know how to change my ways. I am so so mad at myself. Will somebody please teach me how to wake up on time? At a said time.
I manage to get Mint mad almost everyday. The resounding alarms coupled with the vibrating effects from the cell phone fail to wake me up. Or maybe I just hit snooze in my sleepy daze and not know it?
The cell phones (I have two of them) continue to ring. He calls me a million times to wake me up at the hour that has been previously decided upon by us. But maybe when I sleep the world turns mute. Why else would the calls not wake me up???
As usual, we’d decided to wake up at a particular time today. We need to operate according to the different time zones that USA and UK lie in and observe. To talk to me, he woke up at 5 am his time, just so that we get to speak for a while before I leave for class and he leaves for work! And no goodies for guessing, I continued to sleep through the trillion phone calls and the recurrent sounds of the buzzing alarms. Then finally I woke up with a jerk and realise its almost time for class. I speak to him, and in the next two minutes tell him I need to run now. He who has woken up at an insane hour to talk to me, and then patiently been waiting for me and attempting to wake me up is bound to get mad if I tell him something like that the instant we start talking. Oh how I hate myself!
When I lived at home, I had mom or dad coming over to wake me up. It would start by waking me up with kisses, and then moving on to shaking me, then shaking me enough to rattle my bones, and if all that failed, then the sister would give me a hard kick and push me out of bed.
Its been so long since I am living alone, but I have still not learnt how to wake up by myself. I always end up being late. Actually, I think I can deal with that, but what I cant deal with is the guilt. The guilt that comes when he wakes up for me, waits for me and I sleep through it all. It makes me hate myself..
I need to know the difference between being dead and being asleep. Oh, will someone teach me how to wake up?? 😦 😦

2 Responses to “I can never wake up!”

  1. Jack Point said

    “I need to know the difference between being dead and being asleep. Oh, will someone teach me how to wake up?? ”

    That sounds creepy, like something from a horror movie 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Lol. I reread the entire post and it all sounds weird and funny to me. And sigh.. those were the days when I couldn’t differentiate between being asleep and being dead (however creepy it sounds), now a fly buzzing in the other room is enough to wake me up.

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