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A break..

Posted by Pepper on May 3, 2009

The past month has been quite stressful for me. I’d say its mainly because of the submissions. And, because I worry like hell.

I worried about finishing my assignments on time. I worried about not doing them well enough. I worried about not spending enough time with my family when I was in India. I worried about not seeing them soon again. I worry about the things happening at present. I worry about the state my bones are in. I worry about not eating right. I worry about not exercising. I worry about not having sufficient knowledge and experience in cooking. I worry about not having enough money. I worry about not waking up on time. I worry about not being efficient enough and completing regular domestic chores. I worry about my thesis. I worry about visa issues. I worry I’ll not have enough time and enthusiasm to enjoy this place. I worry about getting the right job. I worry about whether I’ll continue to live here or move else where. I worry about triggers that make me react in violent ways. I worry about my recent unstable behaviour. I worry about gaining acceptance from Mint’s parents. I worry that I am falling short in every single way. I worry about what the future holds for me. I worry about the results this sem. I worry my dreams will never come true. I worry, I worry, I worry.. Sigh

I’ve experienced ripples of anxiety passing through me and the result has been a very frazzled me. This is why I agreed to give myself a break. The place seemed perfect to unwind. And now I want to put down parts of the trip, so that I can read it and have a reason to smile on days when I get too caught up in this web of negativity.

We spent the first part of the day on the rides. Or should I say, getting our bodies jostled and our bones jolted. Here is a pic :

Those are heads in the picture dropping down to the earth at lightning speed. Such rides were fun no doubt, but were responsible for tearing the muscles in my neck and shoulders and making me feel the disjointed pieces of my back.
After the rides, we played games and U won a really big heart shaped stuff toy for P. No wait, it wasn’t just big. It was enormous. So enormous that we had to carry it with our arms outstretched, and had to take turns to carry it. It resulted in aching arms and a very restricted view. Both of us had a couple of falls while walking with the giant sized heart, cos we couldn’t really see the ground below, nor could we clearly see the direction in which we were heading. It was also fun to see people smiling at us as they passed by. After a while, we realised we were being stupid by attempting to carry it the way we were. Used our common sense and the two of us carried it by holding on to the ends, or rather, ‘hands’. 

It really is a hell lot huger than it appears to be in this pic.
We then ate lunch at a mexican joint. After that, I wanted to explore the place by myself, so I set off, at the risk of being hopelessly lost. I proceeded to what was called the ‘gloomy woods’. But with a lush expanse of green, and a stream merrily gushing along your path, gloomy is the last thing I would call it. The woods were lovely and very serene, and made me thoroughly enjoy my walk there.
After walking out of that place, I decided to sit back under a tree and listen to music. Something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, and I did just that!

We later went and sat by a pond. They had these comfortable reclining chairs on the grass beside the pond. We watched the ducks wander around and could actually hear the gurgling sounds of the water. A relaxing evening indeed!
I loved this place. Not only did it have rides that made you feel that rush of adrenaline, it was also in close touch with nature, making it the perfect destination for fun combined with some quiet retrospection. I love England for having such places. I hope I get a chance to go there once again…. 


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