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Just like you

Posted by Pepper on May 12, 2009

I see a lot of you in me. Yes mama. I do. Evertime I:
– Realise I rinse and stack the dishes in the sink while they wait to be washed. And get mad if people don’t. Just like you
– Find myself asking people to put the butter back in the fridge after its been used. Just like you
– Stand in the kitchen with the napkin slung on my shoulder. Just like you.
– End up covering pans with plates instead of lids. Just like you.
– Realise that it is important for everyone to be able to clear the food waste from the drainage in the sink and not be repulsed. Just like you.
– Find myself urging people to eat more. Just like you.
– Be the first one to run into the kitchen if someone needs pickle/water/salt. Just like you.
– Get mad at myself for being so absentminded at times. Just like you.
– Understand the importance of affection and expressing your love openly. Just like you
– Find myself laughing out aloud for the lamest of reasons. Just like you.
– Have the same expression of annoyance when someone or something bugs me. Just like you.
– Want to help some person in need by contributing a few pounds, even if I cant afford it. And then feel happy about it. Just like you.
– Tilt my head and smile. Just like you.
– Use the expressions you do, to tell people how much I love them. Just like you.
Maybe it is a part of growing up. Maybe it is maturity kicking in. Or perhaps it is just me missing you. Either ways, I do see glimpses of you in me. Someday, I hope I can be something like the warm, exuberant and understanding person that you are. Someday mama, I hope I can be just like you.

One Response to “Just like you”

  1. Parinita said

    I dunno how I wandered in here but great post 🙂

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