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Introducing, PITA!

Posted by Pepper on May 26, 2009

There are times when you get so irked by someone, you want to smack them in the face. When you are so annoyed, you wish that someone would just vanish into thin air. I live with one such person. His aim in life is to come up with novel ways to trouble me. He is officially named PITA on this blog. It stands for Pain In The Ass. He will no longer be referred to as U, an abbreviation of his name. Henceforth, he is Pita. Pita is my friend P’s boyfriend. The three of us live together.
If I am having a peaceful shower, Pita will rub his hands in glee and switch off the bathroom light. I always wished we had the switches inside the bathroom instead of having them outside. It gives him such an advantage. I’ve often struggled to wash off the shower gels, hunted for my towel, and stuck my head out to yell at him. Our bathroom does not even have a window and it is pitch dark inside without the light. If I am too lazy to step out of the shower, I’ll plead with him to switch on the light. Obviously he uses this opportunity to make me say things and agree to terms that I would not say or agree to under normal circumstances.
If I am sleeping for long hours, he’ll insist on me waking up. Keep knocking on my bedroom door, calling out to me and annoy me till I wake up. Total Pita!
He has other tactics to get me worked up as well. If I ask him the time for instance, he’ll add another hour to the real time before telling me. It will make me run around to get things done. When I discovered this tactic and stopped asking him the time, he sneakily changed the time in my cell phone and increased it by another hour. He then enjoyed seeing me get worked up and run around to get to class on time. And then laughed more when I realised what had happened, and when I wondered what to do with a spare hour in my hands..
If I want something, he’ll insist on me not having it, just to make things difficult and annoy me. If I say something, he’ll say something contradictory just to oppose me. And then grin.
And the way he loves scaring me. He will continue to hide behind doors and stand in the passage just to pounce on me when I walk around the house. I have told him I am going to be a heart patient soon and it is going to be only because of him.
But then, he also makes coffee for me and brings me breakfast in bed. He forces me to eat when I tell him I wanna skip a meal. He looks after me if I am unwell. He buys me chocolates, candies and muffins each time he buys P that stuff. He insists on calling me his sister-in-law and not his sister. Since P, his beloved girl happens to be one of my best friends, I let him decide what he wants to name our relationship. To me, it doesn’t matter. He annoys the hell outta me, but then he is also extremely nice and caring. We grin, we laugh, we quarrel endlessly, and amuse P no end. If we move out, I am definitely going to miss this Pita.

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