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A tribute to Mint..

Posted by Pepper on May 31, 2009

This blog was always incomplete. There has hardly been any reference of the force that keeps me going. Of the wind beneath my wings. I always wanted to write about him, but the pressure of finding the right words to convey my sentiments seemed too overwhelming. Today however, I shall try and put into words what I feel.
Although I’ve known Mint for about 6 years now, it was just an evening of casual conversation that nurtured the germination of my joy and our journey. Sometime in the past, I’ve written a post that talks about the grief I went through because of the ex. It had been a year since we parted, and I had still not recovered completely. I wrote about how I waded through life. The entrance of Mint into my life at that time, brought with it new horizons of hope. He picked me out of my fears and gave me new reasons to dream. He rebuilt my confidence in myself. His caring ways made me fall in love with him gradually. It has been a long time now. He’s is my strength, my pride and my source of joy. Very cliched yes, but very true indeed.
He did, and continues to add a million smiles to my face by doing the sweetest of things for me. I absolutely adore the way he says ‘O-keyy’ and ‘haaaan?’. I love the way he calls me his ‘angel’. I adore the childlike way in which he sulks in a corner if he is upset with me. I love the way he has blended into my family. I love the effort he takes to talk to my parents and my sister.
When he was here, I loved the way he would ask me to stand straight and then button up my long black winter coat. I loved the way he’d make me wear my socks and then tie my laces. When we travelled to Scotland, I remember being so sleepy and grumpy when we reached because of the sleepless night and the journey. And then when we went to some quiet bar, he just sat there doing nothing at all, staring at nothing in particular for a good two hours, and lending me his shoulder to sleep on. When I woke up, I asked him how he could stay so still for so long, and do nothing at all and just sit there? Wasn’t he bored? All he told me was he wanted to let me sleep and he was happy he could let me do that. He has gifted me memories for life.
When I’ve been harrowed, haggard and lost during my submissions, he’s stayed up entire nights to work on my assignments, and then gone to work in the morning without a minute’s sleep. How can I ever thank him enough?
He actually makes funny faces for me on demand. I select the yahoo emoticon and ask him to mimic the funny facial expressions and actions and he really does it. It makes me laugh and chuckle forever.
I want to write about a lot of other incidents which have been so special to me, so that I have a record to come back to over time. But I do realise a single post is not enough. So the coming few posts are going to talk about a lot of ‘Minty episodes’.
Knowing Mint, he’s going to be mad when he reads this! He believes I always create a very good impression about him, and thus generate a very biased view. First of all, relax Mint, cos hardly anybody knows of this blog! But to be fair, at this point, I’ll add, that the above mentioned incidents and facts only show one side of his. There is more to him than that. He also yells at me, fights with me, loses his patience and gets me mad as well. But isn’t that what makes us real? We all know an overdose of sugar and sweetness can cause diabetes.
Lastly, since I did not want to continue blogging under my real name, I am changing it to something that complements Mint, albeit in an indirect way. Henceforth, I am Pepper. Consequently, I have edited the “About me” section on the left that describes me and the blog.

6 Responses to “A tribute to Mint..”

  1. Ahhh..young love!!

  2. Pepper said

    Rosh: I don't know where that comment of yours vanished :(.. and yeah.. thanks for that bit of info about your friend's dog's name :DSymphony: :).. young it is!

  3. Anonymous said

    Young and Minty fresh! :P~Symphony (childwoman)~

  4. pratith said

    Mint is young I agree but Pepper is old 😛 . You both are more than gold to me. >:D<

  5. Pepper said

    Prat you are the best >:D<

  6. Rasika said

    where did you write before 2008? I don’t see those entries on this blog…

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