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A glimpse of the past..

Posted by Pepper on June 6, 2009

These are pics taken in random residential lanes of the city, a few months ago. A very common picture for people who are used to living in cold places. But for me??? The less said the better. I’ve already mentioned how I acually managed to feel cold in Mumbai winters at times. I am surprised I can actually survive in a place like this.
So now that summer is here and the sun shines on the lawns, seeing these pics gives me that added sense of relief. I see people lying down on the grass and enjoying the delicious sun shine and I smile. And to celebrate the cherished warmth, I initiated the idea of having an outdoor pot lunch with a bunch of friends. I can’t wait.. !

2 Responses to “A glimpse of the past..”

  1. pratith said

    summer sucks here though 😦 im glad u find it nice there.

  2. Pepper said

    Only summer is nice! Winter sucks more than ever..

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