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Father’s Day

Posted by Pepper on June 22, 2009

I can’t believe I missed it this year. But then I am late by just a day, that’s fine right? And without a laptop I couldn’t do one of my usual fathers day posts, so its not my fault right? Right! I’ve run out of excuses now.

It was during my phone conversation with dad yesterday, when he asked me, ‘So you wont wish me for Father’s Day this year?’. And I gulped. Was it father’s day? Oh ok, it was. ‘Ofcourse I will, Happy Fathers Day’. But I knew wishing him after he reminded me wasn’t the same at all.

So I really apologise pa. I don’t know what I am so caught up in, that it totally slipped my mind this year. I hope I can make it up to you. For now, I am putting up a few lines I got in an email from Kaya Skin Clinic that I thought were utterly cute.

‘ To the first man I ever smiled at..
To the first man I truly loved..
To the man I looked for in every other..
To the man who thought I grew up too soon..
To my father..
The first man I belonged to..

Happy Father’s Day!


Your daughter’


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