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Making ends meet.

Posted by Pepper on July 5, 2009

They say its a struggle at times. I realised the true significance of that phrase when I tried to zip up an over stuffed suitcase that was bursting at its seams, quite literally.

And now I face the consequences of hauling around luggage that consisted of monstrous and giant sized bags. I hope my shoulder heals soon!


5 Responses to “Making ends meet.”

  1. Anonymous said

    LOL!! :DPut an ice pack on your shoulder, it will feel less sore..or put the good old iodex balm :)Childwoman~

  2. Pepper said

    CW: thankie girl!

  3. Anonymous said

    Oye pepper ji!! Naya post likho ji!!And have you arrived in India yet?Childwoman~

  4. Anonymous said

    oyeeeee where are you..havent seen you since days.!! i miss talkin to you!! come out of your bubble!!!rosh

  5. Pepper said

    CW: Post on the way.. Yes I am in India 😀 Rosh: Will try adn get you on gmail sometime soon!

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