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I crave Goa!

Posted by Pepper on September 15, 2009

Yeah, that purple blur on the right is me. In one of the quaint lanes of Goa. Goa!!

I love the idea of being there and doing absolutely nothing. I wanna be on the beach, sit on the sand, stretch my legs and watch the waves. I want to have the musk melon shake from one of my favorite shacks at Calangute beach.

I wanna settle with a book in the balcony of my cottage at night. I wanna go to Britto’s and have one of their candle lit meals while I sit facing the beach. I want it all. Right now!


4 Responses to “I crave Goa!”

  1. Bhakti said

    Let's go…

  2. Anonymous said

    how many times have u been to Goa and which is your favourite shack on Calangute beach

  3. I reach Goa tomorrow morning and its my first visit to the place. I just know I am going to do the same things that you are talking about and going to love/miss them as much.Oh Boy.. does google know how to throw the most relevant result for your query!!Am sure gonna checkout shacks at Calangute beach 🙂

  4. Pepper said

    Bhakti: Just way too broke really :(Anon: Why not scribble your name in the end? Sumeet: There are a lot of good shacks from the Baga to Calangute stretch.. have fun in Goa 🙂

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