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The Diwali post.

Posted by Pepper on October 20, 2009

Diwali always cheers me up. And I know the value of Diwali in India now. It just is special. There are things that I don’t appreciate though. The choking haze of smoke that suffocates you for example. And the noisy explosives. The sound of the ongoing explosions got so bad at one point, that I felt a heart attack on its way. Another time, I was strolling around in our society premises and admiring the decorations and the festive spirit, when I saw two young boys spreading out an endless strip of something that looked suspiciously like an explosive. Oh God, please let it not be what I think it is, I said to myself. The guy noticed the look on my face and said ‘bomb hai bomb‘, with a wicked grin. Right. I realised I needed to run for my life. “Ek minute ruko please’, I said, and skittered to the other side, making sure I had covered a safe distance before the racket of the never ending blasts began. I so wish they would ban such noisy crackers.

But there are a lot of things that I totally love. The lights. My favourite part of Diwali.

This is the view from my window.

I love lighting up the house with diyas, with the traditional brown clay diyas, not the fancy painted ones. This is one corner of the house.

This is something I struggled with. We asked some man for help but it still didn’t come out right. The triangle on top is a sorry excuse for the flame :(.

This is a pic of the rangoli after someone shook the stand it was made on.. sigh.

This is a pic of the trees and the greenery in our society, all lit up.

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One more from my draft

Posted by Pepper on October 14, 2009

I am scared. Scared of all the unknowns in my life. Scared to the extent of being terrified. I’ve always been a person who would rather cuddle the security blanket and revel in the comfort it provides than experience the high of pulsating heartbeats. I know its not so cool to prefer security over excitement. After all people take great pride in talking about that rush of adrenaline that comes with taking risks and facing new challenges. I would have been better off had I been different. I wish I was built of stronger stuff.

I do not know where I would be at this time next year. I do not know what I would be doing. I do not know if I would find a job I like and if I’d be working. I do not know if I would get what I want. I knew I needed answers to similar questions last year as well, but that did not scare me half as much. Right now its a bottomless pit of possibilities I am falling into and the fear is gradually swallowing me.

It all results in a departure from my usual self. I want that to change. I am going to work on being fearless. Truly fearless. Where I can pluck out the dressing shielding my wounds. Feel ready to take off and face the wind, even if it messes with the direction of my flight. Because its okay to land on unfamiliar territory. Its okay to make mistakes. I wanna celebrate life and say ‘bring it on’. I know its a huge mission but one that I hope to accomplish sometime soon..

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The two worlds..

Posted by Pepper on October 1, 2009

I am generally very content with the way I have lived life. I’ve grown up in pink comforts and been quite indulgent, without being totally spoilt. (No, I am not spoilt!) My parents have given me enough freedom, and at the same time ensured I stay within limits. So I dress the way I like. I wear sleeveless tops, body hugging clothes, etc. Of course, no cleavage and bare belly for me. I’ve been to my share of pubs/clubs/parties, and at the same time not made it a habit to be back home very late. I used to drink at times, but I quit a while ago. For stupid reasons that deserve another post. However, I don’t think having a drink or two is bad or wrong. I quite enjoyed it. I can say my lifestyle on the whole is kind of indulgent, but a lot of fun!

And then when I think of Mint’s family, I cannot help but notice the contrast. They are very simple people, with a very simple life style. They’re a lot more conservative, orthodox and rigid in their views. They’re more traditional too. I speak to his parents quite often, and they’re very nice to me. But every time I cannot help notice the difference between us and our way of living.

I am going to be meeting them in a few days for the first time and have been fretting over what to wear. Should I wear jeans and let them see me the way I am? Or should I wear a salwar kameez, because they would surely appreciate an Indian outfit more. No, hearing things like ‘just be yourself, what you have on does not matter’, etc is not what I want. Because I will be myself but I do know what I wear does matter!

Well, this is just the beginning. We live in two very different worlds and I know they cannot merge. So I see myself floating in and out of these two worlds. One where I wear sleeveless tops, dine at a continental joint and enjoy Italian risotto and another one where I don saris and salwars, respect a new set of customs and traditions and live a different culture. I think I am quite prepared. It should be an interesting journey…

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