A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

The two worlds..

Posted by Pepper on October 1, 2009

I am generally very content with the way I have lived life. I’ve grown up in pink comforts and been quite indulgent, without being totally spoilt. (No, I am not spoilt!) My parents have given me enough freedom, and at the same time ensured I stay within limits. So I dress the way I like. I wear sleeveless tops, body hugging clothes, etc. Of course, no cleavage and bare belly for me. I’ve been to my share of pubs/clubs/parties, and at the same time not made it a habit to be back home very late. I used to drink at times, but I quit a while ago. For stupid reasons that deserve another post. However, I don’t think having a drink or two is bad or wrong. I quite enjoyed it. I can say my lifestyle on the whole is kind of indulgent, but a lot of fun!

And then when I think of Mint’s family, I cannot help but notice the contrast. They are very simple people, with a very simple life style. They’re a lot more conservative, orthodox and rigid in their views. They’re more traditional too. I speak to his parents quite often, and they’re very nice to me. But every time I cannot help notice the difference between us and our way of living.

I am going to be meeting them in a few days for the first time and have been fretting over what to wear. Should I wear jeans and let them see me the way I am? Or should I wear a salwar kameez, because they would surely appreciate an Indian outfit more. No, hearing things like ‘just be yourself, what you have on does not matter’, etc is not what I want. Because I will be myself but I do know what I wear does matter!

Well, this is just the beginning. We live in two very different worlds and I know they cannot merge. So I see myself floating in and out of these two worlds. One where I wear sleeveless tops, dine at a continental joint and enjoy Italian risotto and another one where I don saris and salwars, respect a new set of customs and traditions and live a different culture. I think I am quite prepared. It should be an interesting journey…

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