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Its finally over!

Posted by Pepper on November 14, 2009

The Masters. All this while, I only felt relief. But today, I held the paper that said, “Dear XX, The Postgraduate Board of Examiners congratulates you for successfully completing the Masters programme in Human Resource Management…”, and that’s when the first ray of warm happiness made its presence felt. I am happy it is over, and that I won’t ever have to do it again.

I really worked hard. I hated the system. It forced me to spend hours in the library, with my nose buried in some journal. I hated doing the reading and the research and writing those long papers, essays and reports.

It was a tough time. I hardly had the enthusiasm to cook for myself, and not enough money to eat out. So most days, my meal consisted of cereal dumped in milk and nothing else.

I remember walking back home once, after my seminar. It was about 7 pm and I did not really want to go back to an empty house. So I decided to sit on a bench in the park for sometime, although it was freezing. After a few minutes I realised I was hungry, but did not have enough money at that time to buy something for myself. Speaking of money, I didn’t even have enough to pay the next month’s rent. Calling dad was not a very good option. My acads were a huge mess. I had tons of assignments piled up. I sat there cold and hungry, staring at the darkness and worrying about the depleting money, my grades, my piling assignments and everything else. And as I sat there, wondering about what I should do, it started snowing. I don’t know how long I watched the snow flakes fall in the darkness, but that was one time when I felt a crushing sense of loneliness.

When I think back, I feel really happy I sailed through those tough times. My post grad taught me a lot, a lot more than knowledge restricted to books.

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