A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint


Posted by Pepper on November 18, 2009

I chuckled as I saw this piece of news. A national campaign called W.A.L.S?? Lol! It stands for Women Against Lazy Stubble. More about it here.

Seriously though, I often find myself asking Mint to go shave! What’s with this ‘lazy’ excuse? I prefer a clean shaven look any day. Not the totally smooth look, but that hint of a stubble. I quite like that. But then again, definition of ‘hint of a stubble’ varies.

I really dislike the unshaven, or the ‘lazy stubbled gruffy look’ as they call it. But what I totally detest is the moustache. That I just can’t stand. Shaving takes about 5 minutes. What is the problem then? Like this article says, ‘access to an all-India survey that reveals how the secret to winning over a babe and your boss lies in spending 5 extra minutes in your bathroomThe article also speaks about the importance of a clean shaven look in a professional set up.

I totally agree. If I were the boss, I’d definitely be more impressed by well-groomed and clean shaven employees instead of sloppy, lazy employees with unkempt beards and stubbles. As a woman too, I pass my verdict. Heavy stubbles and beards are so not attractive. I am now one of the W.A.L.S.


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