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Just because I decided to post everyday for this month

Posted by Pepper on January 7, 2010

..I am here again. It feels weird to be back so soon. But I’m glad I am doing it. The list of things I want to accomplish in the next 2 years is still under construction. I should put it up soon.


I realised I have not mentioned the big news on the blog even once. I am getting married! In less than 3 months now. As usual, I see a lot of mixed reactions. From aunts and relatives who seem to think it is the ‘ideal’ age, to my friends who think I am crazy to even think of marriage at 23.

Most people have asked me the question; ‘Why get married now?’. Ofcourse, I’ve bugged Mint enough with the same question, and annoyed him till he answers me. He gave me an interesting set of reasons (which he may not even remember now). But anyway, here are some of my reasons of why I should marry him, and why I should marry him now:

1. We finally get to live together.
And not really bother about the different time zones, my sucky net connection, my good for nothing cell phone (which demands another post). The idea of coming home to to each other everyday seems wonderful. And its good to have someone to cuddle with on cold wintery nights.

2. We save money.

We move into the same apartment. (No really, one person house holds are the biggest consumers of energy cos of things like TV, washing machine, etc). We also drastically cut down the phone bills.


3. We have some budding talents, including the ability to bicker and argue with each other endlessly; a healthy indication of a ‘normal marriage’.


4. Changing my ‘status’ on facebook, seems like a fun thing to do.


5. He agrees to take me shoe shopping. And he knows how to cook. Two awesome reasons.


6. Like he said, having a joint bank account is a good idea. Yes, he is brave. Good reason to get married? 😛


7. He is extremely tolerant of me.


8. I love talking to him. Not only cos we can engage in deep romantic conversation but also because his sarcasm and wit makes me chuckle and laugh all the time.


9. I can now dream of him indulging my unquenched travel obsessions and cooking me exotic meals.
10. I love him. That should say it all.

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