A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

Posted by Pepper on May 17, 2010

Its one of those posts where I just can’t think of a fitting title. So I shall let myself mumble, however disconnected and unclear it is.

I miss home. By home, I mean India. The food, the heat, the chaos, the pampering, the madness, everything. Every time I realise that my parents and my family are so far away, I get trapped in a whirlwind of confounding thoughts. Will we ever move back? If we will, when will we? Am I sure that is a good idea indeed? Are my parents and close family members alright? Every time my parents tell me my grand mom is not doing too well, I am filled with despair. What if I don’t see her again? At the back of my mind I know, we’re not leaving this country for the next 5 years at least. Is that too long? What if I change my mind later and don’t wanna move back myself? Will I regret my choices later?
We’ve to make some tough decisions soon. Right now, we’re caught in way too many tangles. Visa issues, careers, long term plans, other goals and preferences, etc. Its exhausting.
But then, life is good too. We had a fun weekend. The weather was perfect and we went boating. Did grocery and then packed some Vietnamese dinner. We also bought this bottle of bourbon whiskey infused with real honey. Both of us thought the sweet, smooth taste was mind blowingly good. So the plan next weekend is to sit back and, um, get drunk. My favourite part of the weekend was the ride I got in the shopping cart while doing the grocery. I just stood behind, at the edge of the cart and enjoyed the ride Mint gave me. What fun! He was even nice enough to say he wasn’t tired after all the pushing. Or maybe its one of the few advantages of being the skinny mini person I am and have always been. And he told me people were smiling at us only cos they thought it was cute. Not for any other reason. He surely knows how to please me and keep the insane brat in me alive.

2 Responses to “”

  1. mythalez said

    hehe .. being 'carted' around the supermarket will definitely make grocery shopping more fun 😉

  2. Pepper said

    most definitely 😀

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