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The crazy, crazy life..

Posted by Pepper on July 7, 2010

Every time someone messages me on Gtalk, they have one and only one question to ask me – ‘How is married life?’. I am not sure about the kind of answers people expect to hear. I usually reply with a ‘good’ or a ‘great’, whatever I fancy at that point of time.
I’ve been trying to understand why people believe being married changes your entire life. Well maybe at times it does, when you have an arranged marriage, when you are still trying to find a rhythm with your partner, when you are living in a joint family set up with in laws monitoring you. With me, none of those conditions exist.
I’d be exaggerating if I say marriage has changed nothing for me. It has. I now live in a different place. I live away from my parents. But beyond that, there is nothing much that I can call ‘new’ or ‘different’ in my life. I am still the same person. The house we live in is messy. Our ways are still erratic. We still live the irresponsible grad student life. We are still lazy. If people have sudden expectations from me, if they expect me to change my life style and my ways, acquire efficient house keeping abilities, turn into a fabulous cook and maintain a dazzling kitchen just because I am married, they can take a hike. Yes, I’d like to reach that level some day, but that has nothing to do with me being married.
Perhaps it is because of these prevailing expectations that so many youngsters dread marriage and view it as a life changing event. In my opinion, marriage is a hell lot of fun. I love living with Mint. In fact, a friend of mine once defined marriage as a ‘life long slumber party with your best friend’. I’d say that’s how it is. Of course the party also involves discussions that revolve around planning finances, repairing choking drains and choosing what type of cereal and bread you buy. But for me, these things only add to the excitement. Beside that, I think these aspects are associated more with living an independent life away from home and less with being married.
So what has married life been like for us? Fun, chaotic and crazy. We live in a tiny studio apartment. Which means the two of us are always in the same room at any given time. Which means we end up hugging and kissing each other a lot. Which also means we end up arguing and fighting for no apparent reason. Which means I have to forgo my birthright of banging doors and storming out to the other room in a huff, because well, there are no doors to bang and no rooms to walk into. Which means we end up making up faster than we would. On the whole, its been good and crazy, but I am desperate to move to a bigger place now. At least so that we can walk on the ground without stepping onto our stuff.
The chaotic part involves all the decisions that need to be taken regarding Mint’s MBA. Whether he should pursue it now or not. There are so many factors and variables that need to be considered that its been very rough and completely CHAOTIC. I so hope the chaos dies down soon.
The fun? That involves all the travel we’ve done. I’ve only been in the US for a few months and so far I have had a chance to visit Virginia (Charlottesville), DC, The Great Smoky Mountains, New York, Chicago and Atlanta. We surely had fun and lived it up!
Like I said, life on the whole has been chaotic and crazy, but a lot of fun 🙂

3 Responses to “The crazy, crazy life..”

  1. Ashwathy said

    I agree 🙂
    I sooooooooo love this post. Like, like and super like!!! 😀 😀
    I mean sure, married life comes with certain amount of changes and things. But apart from that, nothing changes hugely if you know what I mean. And I am enjoying now setting up a home away from home, with my partner in tow. Each day is new and holds some excitement as we settle into each others’ lives, get to know each other, all the little fights and making up….

    But I am still myself….the essence remains the same. Hubby doesn’t want me to change…he loves me the way I am. Heck, if I changed, THEN he’d be worried 😛
    I’d say marriage has mellowed me….made me feel calmer and better as a person….view life with more meaning becoz hubby walked into my life. More so coz I come from a broken home and was terrified of entering into matrimony for fear of wrecking it.

    Two thumbsup for happy married life!! 😀 Yayyyy!!

  2. Wow! I have just reached this part of life now 😛 Living in a studio apartment part 😀

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