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We are moving!

Posted by Pepper on August 18, 2010

I haven’t had a chance to post this big news on the blog – we’re moving from Ohio to California. Moving to another state so far away from where you live, is well, very tedious to say the least. So things in the Peppermint house have been awfully busy. We have been running around to get things done, quite literally.

It has been tiring. But all the confusion and chaos in our life has ended. Decisions have been taken. I am now looking forward to the new place, the new house and the new life. And that, calls for a toast!

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What do you do when..

Posted by Pepper on August 16, 2010

the guy looks at you and smilingly hands you a piece of wrapped candy saying, ‘I got this for you.’ ?

Answer: You think he is such a sweetheart and picture him thinking of you fondly as he gets the candy. You accept it with a sweet ‘Thank you’, tear open the wrapper and promptly put it in your mouth.
Only to realise this is not your average candy. This is making your mouth burn! You turn around and say, ‘God, this is so spicy!’, only to hear him laugh and say, ‘Why do you think I gave it to you?’. Oh. You now realise what this is all about. You then start proceeding to the bin so you can spit it out.
But, what do you do when?..
… he jumps up and physically holds you back, not letting you move, making sure you retain the damn fiery candy in your mouth. You start feeling the sting of the burning fire building up inside. You wriggle and you struggle to free yourself from his grip. But he is stronger and is having a good time laughing.
Answer: You tell yourself you have a valuable lesson to learn:- No matter how much you trust the person who presents it to you, ALWAYS read the label or the wrapper before plopping any kind of substance into your mouth.

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When I don’t want to move!

Posted by Pepper on August 6, 2010

I have a big to do list circling in my brain, but I am unable to overcome the inertia and just get to it. Nothing new there! Usually I am quite an expert at finding ways to procrastinate. So much so that I even excel at erasing the guilt by convincing myself that the useless thing I am doing now is actually important and should not be put on hold.

And I need my daily dose of wasting time online. Today however, I seem to have run out of ways in which it can be done. Everyone on my gmail list is busy. Sob! I can’t find anything interesting on youtube to watch. And, nobody seems to be updating their blogs. How unfair! I lurk at a million blogs and none of them have any new post put up today.
So I decided to stop by my own blog and type out a meaningless post – even though I have nothing significant to say. Umm, except that, we’re leaving for Canada in a few hours! Ok, I think the reminder is enough to get me all excited and charged up. Yay! I am now willing to move my butt. Double Yayy!
Hope to be back with some stories, and maybe even a few pictures. Ta!

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