A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

When I don’t want to move!

Posted by Pepper on August 6, 2010

I have a big to do list circling in my brain, but I am unable to overcome the inertia and just get to it. Nothing new there! Usually I am quite an expert at finding ways to procrastinate. So much so that I even excel at erasing the guilt by convincing myself that the useless thing I am doing now is actually important and should not be put on hold.

And I need my daily dose of wasting time online. Today however, I seem to have run out of ways in which it can be done. Everyone on my gmail list is busy. Sob! I can’t find anything interesting on youtube to watch. And, nobody seems to be updating their blogs. How unfair! I lurk at a million blogs and none of them have any new post put up today.
So I decided to stop by my own blog and type out a meaningless post – even though I have nothing significant to say. Umm, except that, we’re leaving for Canada in a few hours! Ok, I think the reminder is enough to get me all excited and charged up. Yay! I am now willing to move my butt. Double Yayy!
Hope to be back with some stories, and maybe even a few pictures. Ta!

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