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Protected: 6 months?!?!

Posted by Pepper on September 24, 2010

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Lurkers Anonymous

Posted by Pepper on September 21, 2010

So you know those bloggers, who silently float around the blogosphere after ensuring they are securely zipped up in their invisible cloaks? One’s that make you wonder about the unknown visitor you have from some place you never thought you had any connection with? One’s that add to your traffic and make your stat counters look estimable? But the one’s that continue to be unidentified strangers for you? The one’s that help you take pride in presenting to the world, the ‘number of hits’ you’ve had? That’s me. I am that nameless someone who has been reading you for eons. The one who knows a lot about you. The one you know nothing about. 

Why do I hide? I’m not too sure. Probably because I think people who comment are the one’s who want to gain some readership themselves, or they have something significant or intelligent to say. I did care about readership in my earlier blogs. Now I don’t. The ‘zero comments’ on all the posts I write are proof. And as much as I enjoy it, I have nothing worthwhile to say after I read a post. So I just don’t bother.
But then I realise, it isn’t just about me. It is also about the million bloggers I adore. If they have been writing regularly and entertaining me all this while, perhaps I should let them know how much I enjoy their blogs. They deserve to hear it. It is only fair. And oh, the other thing I realise – people still count their comments and enjoy all the fame. They still wan’t to know who it is that invisibly lurks in their worlds.
So, here I come. If I read you, I am going to acknowledge your awesomeness. If I totally love reading you, I might even mail you and let you know. It is time I drop my cloak and step out. I only hope the sunshine doesn’t blind me.

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I’m an adult. Yeah right!

Posted by Pepper on September 16, 2010

I have to keep reminding myself, time and again, that I am actually a ‘grown up’ person. An adult. But I think, I live with a teenage soul in my body. My mind refuses to grow up and accept what is reality. I seem to be stuck in a period that has gone by. So where do I belong? I belong to that world where I am stressing over college submissions, staying up all night and meeting a deadline by the skin of my teeth, cursing profs, waiting for vacations, reading novels and love stories with stars in my eyes, binging over chocolate and having coffee running in my veins . Yes, that is my world.

I also have a lot of child like traits. I am delighted when I see ‘aeroplanes’ fly past the skies. My pleasure lies in things like ‘pressing the button’ and watching the garage gate open. (What? It’s fascinating!) I’m playful and jump around when I am excited. I also sulk and throw tantrums when I am mad. I talk a lot of nonsense. I want to be fussed around when I hurt myself even a little. When I am upset, I expect to be held and comforted. Because you see, I am too little and this world is cruel. I expect someone else to set things right for me. Either my parents, or Mint.
So that is where it begins and ends for me. Other things are for the ‘grown ups’. I am not one. I thought being married was a very grown up thing too. I still have an immature, teenage soul right? I thought I would grow up one day, and then get married. But what do I know? I fell in love and decided to live with him. And for that, I needed to get married. And so I did. And its still a blur. A happy blur.
Now I do things that are a part of the ‘grown up’ life too. Like cook dinner or clean the house. But I consider that to be such an accomplishment and actually expect to see an audience applauding me for my feat. The fact that my parents and Mint continue to ‘baby’ me doesn’t help. Oh, I now know who to blame for my absolute refusal to grow up.
I usually ‘act’ all grown up when I have other people around me. I don’t fool around and I am not my lame, giggly self. I might even come across as a smart, poised young girl (Yeah right, again :P) and hold an intellectual conversation with you. But put me in a real adult world where I am surrounded by the typical corporate jargon, forced to become just another power point and excel slave, where discussions revolve around market shares, stock prices and EMIs, I will be all lost.
I do realise I can’t live in my glorious teenaged world forever. Unless I want to be a misfit all my life. So yes, I better grow up. *Repeats to self* – I’m an adult!

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Hello from California!

Posted by Pepper on September 14, 2010

I can’t believe it has already been a month since we got here! I seem to love the Bay Area. And our home! Its a lovely, comfortable house with a backyard of its own. A backyard! I have grown up in Bombay, where having even a balcony is considered a luxury. So when I find some open space where I can put up outdoor furniture and grow my own plants, I am more than elated!

Moreover, its a wonderful location. I can just walk to book stores, coffee shops, hair cutting salons and some very awesome desi restaurants. Now that completes my world.
Oh yes, we did buy some pretty furniture and are almost done setting up the house. Maybe it is too soon to speak, but for now, I love my life!

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