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Sweet love

Posted by Pepper on October 1, 2010

I often get into my grumpy ‘I miss India’ moods. But sometimes, happiness visits me in unexpected ways. Today, it came to me in the form of chips. Spicy banana chips. The long, crunchy ones. Coated with spice. Bliss!

They arrived from the homeland in a big brown box which was full of other goodies. And along with the flavours in the chips and the barfi, I could also taste the love. My dad, despite being busy, made sure he got me the stuff from my favourite sweet shop, which is well out of his way. My mom ran around to get me some other knick knacks, which are either unavailable in this country, or way too overpriced. And when it arrived, I saw the multiple layers of packing it had, and that made me smile. I pictured my dad at it, packing and frowning in concentration the way he usually does.
As is typical of me, I preserved the plastic bags which had familiar names printed on them. They take me on memory trips every now and then and give me reasons to smile.

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