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What the….?

Posted by Pepper on October 4, 2010

A few days ago, Mint come home and told me he had lost his cell phone. I asked him where he thought he left it, and he said he may have forgotten it in one of his office restrooms. He did go and search the place later on, but he wasn’t able to spot it anywhere. We tried calling the number a couple of times, but the phone seemed to be switched off and our calls were going to voice mail. We left it at that for the time being. The next day when he was at work, he asked me to send a text to his number from my phone saying – ‘This phone has been lost by its owner. Please contact this number if found’.

He asked me the next day if there had been any response. I told him there hadn’t been any. The day after that, when he was at work, I got a text from his number. ‘R u da owner of dis phone?’ is what it said. Now this kinda language and way of spelling annoys the hell out of me, but of course I let it pass. Instead I sent a quick reply, saying, ‘Yes, this phone belongs to my husband and we’ve been looking for it since the time it was lost’.

I then went on to message Mint on gmail. I typed out everything that had happened and asked him what I should do now. But there was no response from him. I kept pinging him only to be met with complete silence from his end. I figured he must be either busy, or in a meeting, or not at his desk.

Meanwhile, the guy sent me another message saying, ‘So wat do i get 4 returning it?’.
Oops. What was I supposed to say now? I messaged back asking him to wait for a while, and that I will ask my husband to contact him soon. But the guy turned out to be a creep. Here is the frenzied text exchange between us.

Me: I will ask my husband to call you on this phone in sometime and you guys can work out a way.
The Creep: U n I ain’t playing no games..thr is very lil charge on da phone. Tell me fast or ditch it.
Now I didn’t know what reward I was supposed to offer. What If I said too much and ended up being stupid? Or what if I said too little and lost all chances of getting it back? Heck, I didn’t know what direction to think in since I didn’t even know the value of his phone. I was constantly buzzing Mint on gmail, but he wasn’t responding. So I did another stupid thing. I just asked the guy what he wanted.

Me: Ok, what do you want?
The Creep: Wat will u give honey?
Honey? This seemed to be getting creepier by the second. I pictured talking to some psycho American who seemed to be enjoying this game. I continued to message Mint on gmail. Cursing him for not replying, cursing myself for not having his office number, begging him to reply and getting hysterical. The texts continued.
Me: I can’t get in touch with my husband. Tell me what you want. And please save my number and get back in case the charge runs out.
The Creep: Tell me wat u will give.

By now, I was highly stressed out. I messaged other people who were online and asked for some guidance. The text exchange continued. The Creep kept reminding me of the low charge, making me panic all the more. He refused to give me any number I could contact him on, in case the charge ran out, saying he wasn’t stupid. I even gave him my email address and told him we could take this over email, if he preferred. But nothing seemed to work. I couldn’t think of anything to offer him. He wouldn’t decide for himself. And Mint wouldn’t reply online. I was very, very stressed out.

After a few minutes, I got a call from Mint’s number. I thought I would finally be talking to The Creep. I answer the phone with a shaky ‘Hello’, and what do I hear on the other end? Mint laughing, and then a ‘Hi baby’. I was confused. ‘How did you manage to get it back from that guy?’. And then it hit me. Hard. So I asked, ‘Oh, you were playing around all this while????’ And I hear him laughing again, confirming all that I needed to know.

I was too pissed off at that time to talk, so I just hung up on him. What did he think he was doing? Stressing me out so much and then calling it a game? a joke? a prank?
But despite my initial anger, I ended up laughing soon. When I did back track everything with a cool mind, it all made sense. His refusal to ask for something on his own, his stupid way of spelling to throw me off gear. He was now buzzing me constantly on gmail, asking me to let it go and to talk to him. I let him sweat it out a bit before I finally replied. And then made up my mind to write about this here. Just for the records..

14 Responses to “What the….?”

  1. ROFL!! I'm sorry this is hilarious only because i wasnt at the receiving end. I laughed till the tears ran. but i have to admit that if it were me, i'd have killed the OA for messing with my head…

  2. Pepper said

    MM: Yeh, I think Mint should be really thankful for being alive. He has narrowly escaped death quite a few times. Lol

  3. Lmao Nice one.Made me smile at the end( all your posts do that) Btw thanks I can play that "creepy" trick on my best buddy .

  4. Titaxy said

    LOL Good one..but only as long as I am not in the receiving end 😀 I can understand how frustrated you must have been initially 😀

  5. Pepper said

    The phoenix: Go ahead and have fun kiddo! Just beware of the consequences :PTitaxy: Oh yes it was frustrating.. Time to think of revenge now !

  6. mythalez said

    whoa .. he had enough patience to play the prank over several days! 😛

  7. Lol …i am surprised u let him live!!!

  8. Pepper said

    Mythalez: No, it wasn't over several days. He truly lost his phone in the beginning and started playing around only after he found it on the second day. Nuttie Natters: I am nice that way 😛 He has a lot to be thankful for!Pallavi: I dunno how I lost your comment 😦

  9. I was at the receiving end of a mean trick. My head would have exploded with anger! He survived!

  10. Smitha said

    ROFL! Mint sure has a fantastic sense of humour :)And I can imagine how stressed out you must have been!

  11. Ashwathy said

    ROTFL!!! But I m glad the story has a happy ending 🙂

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