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A balanced diet..

Posted by Pepper on October 12, 2010

I was having ideas of eating a generous amount of chocolate for breakfast. But then tiny little thoughts wondering about, ‘how healthy is it?’ and ‘hadn’t I resolved 87834659 times to eat balanced meals?’ started crawling in at the back of my mind. And then I got reminded of something that made me enthusiastically kick the thoughts out far enough for them to go flying into someone else’s head.
This is of the signs put up at Hard Rock Cafe in New York.

At least there are a few things right with the world!

11 Responses to “A balanced diet..”

  1. Titaxy said

    how much I love this 😀

  2. Pepper said

    Me too 😀

  3. Scribbler said

    Hilarious and logical 🙂 Good that you kicked the thoughts 😉

  4. shilpa said

    Hehe well said!

  5. Pepper said

    Scribbler: Such thoughts totally deserve to be kicked :PShilpa: Yeah, we can do with such pearls of wisdom 🙂

  6. Chinkurli said

    LOL I should follow this 😀

  7. Pepper said

    Yes yes! Always good to strike a balance 😀

  8. Shaan said

    Thatz my fav quote and I totally agree 😉 Nice blog!BTW, read my post for the indiblogger contest herehttp://tropicalbeachbums.blogspot.com/2010/10/girl-with-gadget.htmland let me know what you think 🙂

  9. Mint said

    It was at Bubba Gump, not Hard Rock. Fail!They say eating okra improves memory. Thought it might interest you when thinking of diets the next time.

  10. Pepper said

    Ah okay.. sowwy sir.. its Bubba Gump. Thoda confusion hogaya.. nothing to do with memory 😛

  11. Nikita said

    superb for girls like me.. with all my tooth being sweet ones 😉

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