A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

It is a conspiracy!

Posted by Pepper on October 15, 2010

Dear Dad,

You know how I have hero worshiped you all my life, how I always bragged about ‘my father’ to my friends right from the time I was in school, how I treasure the bond we share. But you also know there are a few things we love arguing about, some traits of yours that I always disapproved and was very vocal about it. I remember telling you a lot of times, ‘I will make sure I do not let my husband be this way!’ and I also remember the way you laughed at my face each of those times.

Which is why I think it is a conspiracy. I now see the very same annoying traits in Mint and I can hear you laugh in my mind.

You were always shirtless at home and it never stopped getting on my nerves. No amount of arguing could get you to be any other way. Not much has changed. I continue the same arguments with Mint now. The moment he steps home, the tee is taken off. Why? Pardon me for being so crude, but just because you do not have boobs does not mean you roam around bare chested. Isn’t it more pleasant to wear clothes? I once asked Mint before going to bed, ‘why do you have to sleep like that?’ when he was wearing nothing but boxers. He gave me that ‘are you stupid?‘ look and said, ‘How else am I supposed to sleep? You wan’t me to wear a suit to bed?’. Ah, whatever!

Yes dad, I can see you beaming. You have always been well known in the family for your high intake of spice. All the food you eat, has to be spicy, and yes, unhealthy too. I am sure Mint’s level of spice makes you very proud of him. I should have known this was to come.
Both of you have the ability to crack jokes that can torment the listeners and make them go in search of pillars to bang their collective heads on. And just because I laugh, it doesn’t mean the jokes aren’t lame. It simply means I am lame as well.
You conspired with the universe and made sure you found a son-in-law who would carry forward your wonderful attributes, just so you can continue laughing, isn’t it dad? No wonder, you only refer to him as ‘superman’. He is your hero.
I love you guys to bits, but do try and be good, okay?
— Pepper

11 Responses to “It is a conspiracy!”

  1. Scribbler said

    aww post pepper 🙂

  2. So that proves it all guys are the same its my brother who behaves this way , he cracks the jokes that are funny only according to him and has never slept with a t-shirt on .

  3. mythalez said

    hehe .. the 'husband father similarity syndrome' eh! 😛

  4. Pepper said

    Scribbler: :)Phoenix: Lol! It is something we've to live with, isn't it? Mythalez: Well, when the similarities are so striking..

  5. lol..your dad must be super happy with Mint 😀

  6. Pepper said

    Hah! Totally.. though I don't tell him how much their behaviour resembles. Don't want him to show him the support he has 😛

  7. lol such a cute post :D..make sure pepper's dad and mint never read it :D. They wont stop gloating

  8. roop said

    loli am like mint in bed lol. what other way must one sleep? ;p

  9. Pepper said

    Sigh..Mint should really not read this! Lol..

  10. lol! 😀

    my dad has this trait too! mom runs around with a towel asking him to wear it on top like a shawl which he thinks is asking too much out of him 😀

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