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Weekend tales

Posted by Pepper on October 19, 2010

I’ve been feeling extremely lazy and disinclined to blog, but I keep pushing myself to do so. I do want to make a conscious effort and preserve these tiny bits of my life. So that when I am old, jaded and lack vigour, I have these pages to come back to and meet the youthful me, who was brimming with opinions and enthusiasm about life. And I also get to keep the memories alive by recording them here. I am not too sure about how long I’ll be able to actively blog, but I do hope I don’t run out of zest too soon.

Its Tuesday already and I am still reeling under the effects of the weekend. On Sunday, we decided to drive to Point Reyes. The three of us (Mint, his cousin and I) set off in the morning. As luck would have it, it turned out to be a very rainy and foggy day. Fog however, is not unusual for the city of San Francisco. We stopped by at the Golden Gate Bridge for a while, and boy, it was COLD.
We then proceeded to have brunch in this little town called Sausalito. After which we stopped by at the beach for sometime, and then started our drive up to the Light House at Point Reyes. We finally got there after driving through winding roads. Here are my two pennies :
  • The wind can really howl! I’ve lived in UK where the wind gets pretty nasty. But so far, I’d only read about the phrase ‘Howling Wind’ in books. That day was the first time I heard the loud, ongoing roar of the wind.
  • The wind is mighty powerful. I shivered, my nose leaked and my cheeks were flushed. One of the signs there said we were standing on what was the windiest point in America’s Pacific Coast. No wonder I kept getting swayed and found it hard to balance myself.
  • To get to the light house, we had to first climb uphill, and later go down the steps. The climb back up was over 300 steps, and since this was on a steep cliff, it was supposed to be tough. The sign board there said it was equivalent to climbing more than 30 storeys of a building.
  • My calf muscles are still hurting.
  • Standing amidst the ocean, the peninsula, the wind, can make any human feeling totally insignificant.
  • Enjoying a basket of sizzling fries and some hot coffee after trembling in the cold is one of the most comforting things ever.
  • It was a fun day!

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