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Thoughts of a balding me.

Posted by Pepper on October 29, 2010

Our carpets are getting fuzzier. The culprit? My falling hair! I am shedding hair like a cat. Everywhere I sit, I leave behind visible traces of myself in the form of hair. I am positive I see more hair in the drain than I do on my head. Its depressing.

I always had to deal with hair fall, but while I lived in India, it was negligible. From the moment I stepped out of the country, there has been an alarming increase in the amount of hair I lose per day. At times like this I wish we didn’t have carpeted floors. I’d be able to clean the place with one stroke of my jhaadu (broom). But with carpeted floors, I go about picking the remnants of my hair all day long and I have no option other than vacuuming the place.
‘Do you fancy having a bald wife?’, I ask Mint often, fearing the US will succeed in making me officially bald. He doesn’t seem to care too much on most days and is more concerned about his own hair fall. Bah, who cares about his hair loss. He’s a guy. He is scheduled to be bald some day. Who cares if it happens a few years ahead of time?
Me? when the misfortune does occur, I’ll just try playing the trend setting role of ‘that sexy bald woman‘..
On another note, this blog is 2.5 yrs old and it doesn’t even have 80 posts. What a shame! I can see my earlier blogs turning up their noses at this poor blog I have here. I’ve tried to be regular in the last two months, but it still doesn’t make up for all those months of inactivity. I am so tempted to sign up for the NaBloPoMo for November. But I am too chicken and don’t trust myself enough. So I shall let it pass and hope to blog with regularity.

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