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Thoughts of a balding me.

Posted by Pepper on October 29, 2010

Our carpets are getting fuzzier. The culprit? My falling hair! I am shedding hair like a cat. Everywhere I sit, I leave behind visible traces of myself in the form of hair. I am positive I see more hair in the drain than I do on my head. Its depressing.

I always had to deal with hair fall, but while I lived in India, it was negligible. From the moment I stepped out of the country, there has been an alarming increase in the amount of hair I lose per day. At times like this I wish we didn’t have carpeted floors. I’d be able to clean the place with one stroke of my jhaadu (broom). But with carpeted floors, I go about picking the remnants of my hair all day long and I have no option other than vacuuming the place.
‘Do you fancy having a bald wife?’, I ask Mint often, fearing the US will succeed in making me officially bald. He doesn’t seem to care too much on most days and is more concerned about his own hair fall. Bah, who cares about his hair loss. He’s a guy. He is scheduled to be bald some day. Who cares if it happens a few years ahead of time?
Me? when the misfortune does occur, I’ll just try playing the trend setting role of ‘that sexy bald woman‘..
On another note, this blog is 2.5 yrs old and it doesn’t even have 80 posts. What a shame! I can see my earlier blogs turning up their noses at this poor blog I have here. I’ve tried to be regular in the last two months, but it still doesn’t make up for all those months of inactivity. I am so tempted to sign up for the NaBloPoMo for November. But I am too chicken and don’t trust myself enough. So I shall let it pass and hope to blog with regularity.

11 Responses to “Thoughts of a balding me.”

  1. Oh you have no clue on how obsessed guys are with their hair or lack of. Now a days everywhere we go that is the most talked about subject amongst the guys.. which is kind of funny πŸ˜€

  2. Scribbler said

    Oh don't worry about your balding thing…yes yes you read the right thing…don't worry..cause it is said the balder you're the richer you become ;)So,it's a positive thing nah ? Enjoy :DOn second thoughts have you tried the LIVON's hair fall control serum ? I guess it works though no hard proofs about it but may be you can check ?Oh and happy 2.5 years πŸ™‚ It's okay to not have a certain number of posts…after all it is your space and it's upon you how you update it and when,so chuck the thought of not being regular and all that be happy.. [actually try to be regular,I love reading your posts :D]

  3. It's the constant change in weather and water that is causing the hair fall. Plus you are not really particular about your diet. That doesnt help either. Observe it for a while more, if doesnt improve go see a doc. I cant imagine being bald.

  4. Titaxy said

    err story of my life. I have just stopped caring 😦 don't know what else to do

  5. Pepper said

    Comfy: Haha, really? Guys discussing their hair does sound funny indeed :DScribbler: Thank you for letting me know! I can start dreaming of the riches that are going to come my way soon πŸ˜€ Livon's hair fall control serum? Let me see if I can find that here somewhere. If not, I'll ask my parents to send it. Right now I am willing to try anything! Grown up eccentric: I suppose you're right. I better take action soon.T: I know, I know! We tend to give up at some point 😦 Maybe you can try the serum Scribs suggested?

  6. Bikramjit said

    Yeah i heard it tooo the balder you are the richer you are.. I am trying tooo to find out how.. ending up shaving my head off just in case i am missing something he hehe he πŸ™‚ first time here .. and i loved reading some of ur articles Bikram's Blog

  7. If you ever find a solution to the problem..tell me…I am sick of this unclean carpet. I am not sure what will I do if there are kids here.:)Wish to read more…:)

  8. Pepper said

    Bikram: If that is true indeed, I am sure a lot of us would willingly shave our heads. Lol… Welcome here :)DOR: Messy carpets are a biggg painn aren't they? I don't even try to imagine the scenario with kids..:D

  9. Smitha said

    You know what, I will give you company if you do go bald – I am fasttracking my way there 😦 I hve more hair and less carpet , from the look of it 😦 And it is such a pain to vaccuum the carpet to get rid of all that hair!!

  10. roop said

    me too three four five and more! turns out vit D deficiency. more sun is needed. πŸ™‚

  11. Pepper said

    Smitha: More hair and less carpet, that's exactly how it is for us :(Roop: Oh, is it? Now I wonder how I should go about getting my daily dose of the sun..

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