A dash of Pepper…

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Weekly forecast for Pepper.

Posted by Pepper on November 8, 2010

After the pleasurable weekend that included Diwali celebrations and a trip to Santa Cruz beach, you might find the coming week a tad dull and monotonous. Do not despair, keep moving and the next weekend shall be here before you know it. You will also consider getting over your reluctance to cook, because eating out so regularly is harsh on the stomach, and harsher on the bank accounts. Some people will annoy you, like never before. You will want to give in to your old desire of putting them all in the mixer. You are however, advised to stay calm. Practice yoga and meditation. Planning and organising yourself may prove fruitful. Good luck!


21 Responses to “Weekly forecast for Pepper.”

  1. Titaxy said

    🙂 🙂 the last few lines applies to me too

  2. Tanishka said

    Mondays are always painful.. Especially a Monday after an extended weekend… I can understand… But don worry… Just 4 more days to go… 🙂

  3. Good luck..things will get better..the weekend will be here before you know it.. 🙂

  4. I like your new astrologer 😉

  5. Pepper said

    Titaxy: I think the last bit is something we all can relate to..:DTanishka: 4 more days! Yay.. its exciting to have a count down..lolComfy: The week better gallop away and lead to the weekend soon..thanks :)Pal: LOL! Do you want some consultation too? I assure you the rates are very competitive 😛

  6. Scribbler said

    harsh on the stomach and harsher on the bank accounts LOLOh so Yoga-shoga hain ? 😉 Go see some guru 😉 AOL types :DPlanning and organising ? Totally agree…my life is simpler because of this one trait I've been carrying since forever 😀

  7. Scribbler said

    Oh and I thought the astrologer would consult us for free…we being loyal readers of this blog 😉 *smiling with puppy eyes…looking innocent*

  8. Can I borrow that super strong mixer please?

  9. Pepper said

    Scribbler: Let's make a deal. You teach me how to plan and organise and you shall get free consultation in return. Sounds good to you? Celestialrays: Haha.. I would be glad to share it with you. Otherwise, a little bit of slicing and dicing before putting the product in the mixer should make it work anywhere 😛

  10. Bikramjit said

    na not putting them in a mixer but yeah BASHING them up for sure I feel like 🙂 ANd yes I have takne ur advice i make sure i take a few drinks to get over the ones i drunk the other day he heheeh 🙂 that works tooo Bikram's

  11. Pepper said

    Bikram: Whatever rocks your boat. For me, bashing up is a lot of work. I am lazy :P. My advice to stay calm you mean? That's a good way. As long as you always carry a bottle of the inebriant with you 😀

  12. Scribbler said

    Sigh..deals and only deals to be found around !!! Where are those days of friendships ??? SIGH !

  13. Pepper said

    Ohh…getting all emotional and all haan.. Why not let this pour soul make some money? Or else, atleast gain some skill? Good friends are always supportive in times of need :POK chalo, free consultation for you. *Conditions Apply*You need to treat me to a good lunch someday. 😛 (What? Nothing comes free!)

  14. priyaiyer said

    This so sounds like my forecast for myself. 🙂

  15. Scribbler said

    I know even the drinking water has to be paid for so what's this consultation…. :)Only lunch ? I'm all for BLD..what say ? 😀

  16. ajaykgp said

    If not harsh on the stomach, eating out sure is harsher on the wallet! A cruel fact I say 😦 'You are however advised to stay calm.' I liked this. Saying this to oneself sounds so funny 😀 I should do it too 🙂

  17. Pepper said

    Priya: Lol! It does? Then be sure to let me know how your week turned out :DScribbler: BLD! Why would I ever say no? Sounds like a plan!Ajay: Yeah, the worst part is how eating out affects the finances. Damn. 😦

  18. lol…i think u should send out weekly forecasts for all of us.Hmmm…this might be a good idea to get over the "lull in my blog"

  19. Pepper said

    Nuttie: Yes, get over the lull now I say!

  20. Scribbler said

    so deal then ! Let me your dates madam 😉

  21. Pepper said

    Dates I don't know. But whenever I come to India, I will personally hunt you down for this 😉 Be prepared!

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