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Give me soundless sleep!

Posted by Pepper on November 9, 2010

I was going through one of my old blogs and came across this apt post I had written that perfectly summarises my current grievance. I’ve turned into an extremely sensitive sleeper. Most of the times Mint stays up very late at night, browsing on his laptop and I lie next to him, tossing and turning every minute, unable to sleep because he isn’t sleeping. As a result I either oversleep in the mornings, or wake up sleep deprived. It results into me turning into a monster who snarls and bites at the slightest hint of a provocation.


There was a time when the loudest of alarms failed to make me blink an eyelid. There was a time when I could sleep through loud music, loud honking, loud television, loud screaming sister, other loud miscellaneous noises and any kind of commotion.
And now, I wake up with a jerk if someone sneezes in Alaska. Its simply unfair. And annoying.


16 Responses to “Give me soundless sleep!”

  1. Titaxy said

    aahh, i can still sleep anywhere anytime …noises dont bother me as long as i've fallen asleep 😀 nothing can wake me..

  2. I use to sleep like that..through alarms and loud music and earthquakes..now I wake at a slightest whimper. I became a mom..

  3. Scribbler said

    are you expecting ? 😉

  4. Pepper said

    T: I used to be like that too! Wonder what happened to me :(Comfy: Yeah, I expect that to happen once you become a mom. Right now, undisturbed sleep is precious to me. I hope I regain my lost abilities! Scribbler: Yes I am. A lot of cuddles and chocolates from Mint to make up for my lost sleep 😛

  5. Tanishka said

    Even i can't sleep with someone else working in the same room where i'm sleeping… I can so much relate with you on this one…

  6. Scribbler said

    whatta answer that !!!! hmmmpf..someone's not telling :(LOL

  7. Falaxy said

    i know the feeling!

  8. Pepper said

    Tanishka: I am glad I am not alone :DScribbler: Whatta question that! Lol! What else do you expect to hear :PFalaxy: It is so annoying, isn't it? Welcome here 🙂

  9. Bikramjit said

    I would say gone are those day I guess we are getting OLD ho ho ho ha ha ha well that's one way of seeing it … Well I am good i must say in that department touchwood, the moment the head hits the pillow its zzzzzzzzzz time and the eye will open at 5am only no matter what 🙂 he heheeh it would also be by the time i hit the bed i am so damn tired chasing the baddies that there is no more enrgy left to listen to the guy who sneezes in alaska 🙂Bikram's

  10. Smitha said

    I sleep very lightly these days, but manage to feel fresh – as far as I get a good 8 hours sleep 🙂 Any less and I would be one horrible grouchy monster 🙂

  11. priyaiyer said

    Came here via Smitha's blog.Can so relate to this post. I always used to be a light sleeper who would wake up at the slightest noise. After marriage, it has become worse. My sleep depends on the spouse's. So totally unfair. 🙂

  12. Scribbler said

    ROFL Pepper 😉

  13. ajaykgp said

    My sleeping pattern has become so flexible that I can sleep anytime a day and can wake up anytime too. Frequent night out during exams has done this to me. Light, laptop, music player, phone…nothing bothers me 🙂

  14. Pepper said

    Bikram: Thanks for pointing out the true problem.. I am just growing old. And what? You wake up at 5 am everyday? *Bows to thee*Smiths: 8 hours is good enough for me too. The only thing is I need uninterrupted 8 hours.Priya: Welcome to this space 🙂 Yes, sleep depending on the spouse is just so unfair and annoying!Scribs: :DAjay: I was like that in college too! Actually I can still sleep anytime. Night or day. But I do need the lights and sounds off 😦

  15. Aaaah sleep! No amount is enough for me :PMy sleep is still pretty ok 🙂

  16. Pepper said

    Celestialrays: Touch wood then 😀

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