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A peep into our home.

Posted by Pepper on November 18, 2010

I finally have the pictures of the house. I was going to upload them somewhere and then thought I should also put up a few on my blog. Here are some of my favourite spots in the house.

This is where I wish I could spend my entire life – the bed. This particular bed is huge and one of the most comfortable ones I’ve slept on. Stepping out of here is well, painful. Do not judge me for the two stuff toys you see there. I got them almost free at some garage sales. Or okay, go ahead and judge me. I think they are cute, okay? I know I still have some growing up to do. 

This is another corner I love. This is actually a shoe rack which we decided to use as a DVD stand. I think it looks very neat and I love the dash of colour it adds to our living room.
The dining table. We chose a different set up for the chairs to save space. I love the candle in the centre.
The backyard. I know a picture taken during the day would have been clearer, but I like this one more. I am a sucker for candles. I love the way they’ve lit up the plants.

19 Responses to “A peep into our home.”

  1. Titaxy said

    love it! esp the candle lit snaps 😀 i heart candles too 😀

  2. Scribbler said

    am I the first one to peep,please ? 😀

  3. Pepper said

    T: Almost everybody loves candles, isn't it? :DScribs: Oh sorry, hun! You fell short by a few mins 😦

  4. Scribbler said

    oho! Missed by 3 mins 😦 anyway,you can have the privilege to be the first one to hear my conversations [on blog of course]dining table pic could be a little bit brightened up,no?oh who says soft toys are only for kids ? 😉 'yes I'm with you there ;)'Candles look nice in the backyard…lovely way to decorate the house I say :)shoe rack converted into DVD rack..nice idea that 🙂 and yea it adds loads of colours 🙂

  5. Pepper said

    Scribbler: Even a little more light in the dining table pic would have taken away the glow of the candles. I guess that was my primary focus, more than the table. 😀

  6. Scribbler said

    LOL got that but we aren't able to see the different setting of chair and the table..so a lighted pic would also do 😉 Kidding han nahi toh you will say "peeche pad gayi"

  7. Pepper said

    Okay its not like the different setting is very unique. So if you can't see it you're not missing much.Nobody I know 'peeche padofies' more than I do.. so no, I wont say that to you.

  8. Love the pictures..and the candles..aah the effect they add 🙂

  9. ajaykgp said

    That DVD collection looks awesome. I first thought they were books 🙂

  10. Bedazzled said

    first time in here.. love snippets of u r home..esp the dvd rack !

  11. Tanishka said

    Lovely pics… The backyard pic with candles looks beautiful…:) Shoe rack as DVD stand, nice idea…

  12. Bikramjit said

    🙂 well i m myself a sucker for candles or rather any kind of lights in the garnenin my garden i have so many of them i shall put them on soemtimes .. in summers it feels good to sit outside in the dark 🙂 Bikram's

  13. Pepper said

    Comfy: Really, the effect of the flames is beautiful.Ajay: Yeah, the collection is Mint's pride 🙂 And those aren't even half of what we have. Storage becomes so difficult. Bedazzled: Thank you thank you :)Tanishka: Thanks! Biks: You should really put them up. Tiny lights in the garden make such a pretty sight in the dark.

  14. Bikramjit said

    I know but its winters now.. so can hardly go out in the garden.. so until summer now .. 🙂 soon all will be frozen …. Bikram's

  15. Smitha said

    You home looks lovely! I love candles! Candles everywhere – is so so so romantic 🙂

  16. Nikita said

    loved it 🙂 its so cozy n nice 🙂

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