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It is a crib fest!

Posted by Pepper on November 18, 2010

If there is one thing that comes naturally to me, it is whining. When it comes to whining and cribbing, I am such a pro. One of the reasons I consider my blog to be a good friend is because it allows me the luxury to mop and wail to my heart’s content, without saying a word in return.

– Let me start by talking about the chaos that is my house. The bedroom is in a perpetual state of mess. Both Mint and I have the tendency to fling our jeans on the floor. Both of us suffer from a rare condition that allows us to comfortably dwell in the mess. Lack of order doesn’t bother us. In fact, my brain was programmed in a way to react only after it processed the sound of my momma screaming in the background asking me to clear the mess NOW! But now, mama isn’t around here. So I tried to change the settings of my brain myself. Once in a while I do clear the room and put things in order. Only to notice that the room has returned to its original messy state within 24 freaking hours. And the heap of clothes lying around has reached unsurmountable heights. Soon we have to hop around to move across. Really, what do I do? Become responsible did you say? How do I do that?
– These days, it gets pitch dark by 5 pm! I absolutely hate it! Add to that, some days are pretty chilly. Yes, I can whine about the cold despite living in California. If I were to live in places like Boston, NY or Canada, I’d bury myself underground and resurface only after winter has officially ended.
– I’ve been discovering new blogs everyday. It has turned me into Alice exploring her wonderland. But reading blogs is so time consuming, and such a damn addiction. What is surprising is that every time I read a new blog, I see comments there from the people I read regularly. That makes me wonder how do people have the time to read and comment on so many blogs? How come I don’t seem to have the time on a regular basis? Very unfair!
– I am thinking of moving to WordPress. The features are so much better. But I’d only do it if I figure out a way of moving all my old posts from here. I don’t break ties with my past easily you see. I still need some advice. And some help in setting up the new blog. I wish Mint wasn’t so busy 😦 .

15 Responses to “It is a crib fest!”

  1. If you find an answer to the mess thing please pass it on..for I exist in only two states..super clean or don't care.. and when I am in the super clean mode I drive D up the wall..so he makes sure I stay in the 'don't care' side of things..Move to WP is super easy I have heard..ask Scribbler she did it not so far back..and yes yes move already 😀

  2. Titaxy said

    i moved from blogger to WP year and half ago..it's not hard…the old posts can be imported…let me know if you need help 🙂

  3. Pepper said

    Comfy: I am with D. Not caring about the mess is really so much simpler :DAnd Scribbler moved recent? Will talk to her.T: Oh you moved from blogger to WP too? Looks like blogger really needs to update its features. It's losing all its user base. Thanks for offering to help 🙂

  4. Scribbler said

    @messy things: I'm a cleanliness and up-to-date-ness freak 😉 @winters: not bad this side of the world so there ! We welcome winters with quilts and hot cuppa coffee :)@New blogs: it's super easy to get into the routine of reading many blogs and commenting on all of them..you'll get used to it 😉 [I started with this feeling only like yours and now I'm super addictive and efficient too ;)]@Moving to WP: Super cool idea. It's the easiest platform I've come across,trust me. I moved in from blogger to WP few months back and as T said,and I've done too,you can import all your blogger posts to QP by just one click of the button..simple isn't it ? So,knock any time at mine or Ts door 🙂 We help our friends till the last drop ;)P.S. A mini post at your blog.Thanks for giving me this space 😉

  5. Yes yes please move, so much easier to comment in WP…i am like u too…i am tuned into cleaning only when my mommy does screaching…like right now my mommy comes to stay with us soon…so the frantic cupboard cleaning has started…ok now move to WP…like now!! move it move it

  6. Yes yes please move, so much easier to comment in WP…i am like u too…i am tuned into cleaning only when my mommy does screaching…like right now my mommy comes to stay with us soon…so the frantic cupboard cleaning has started…ok now move to WP…like now!! move it move it

  7. ajaykgp said

    I'm a stickler for neatness and order so either my room is super clean or super messy and mostly it's the latter 😀 Reading blogs is very addictive, I agree. Yeah and WP is a lot better than Blogger. You can import all your posts and comments from here. Just create a WordPress account and under tools section on the dashboard, you'd see an 'import' button. Rest is easy.

  8. Tanishka said

    Being messy is ok… Even I can never keep my room clean…

  9. Pepper said

    Scribbler: You are a cleanliness freak? I'll always be scared to invite you home!I quite like the sound of winters in your world :(Yeah, I don't know if its about getting used to, but blogs take up tooo much of my time. I know that wont make me stop browsing though :PI am waitng to move to WP!Nuttie: Your mom's gonna come and stay with you? How lucky! I wish mine did. And then she'd end up cleaning up the place on her own :PAjay: You a stickler for neatness too? Sigh!Thanks for the step by step instructions for moving to WP. I need that kinda stuff :)Tanishka: Ah, finally somebody after my own heart!

  10. I was like how others have described, cleanliness obsessed or don't care. But now I have struck a balance. I am on auto pilot. I will go in the kitchen to make coffee, but will end up scrubbing something while the coffee is being made or say talk on the phone and wipe something else :|Saying that there's always one spot which should be messy to make me feel at home :PMove to WP NOW!!! 😀

  11. Pepper said

    Celestialrays: That's the perfect way to be. Just how do you do it? My laziness is the biggest deterrent for me I guess :(Yes, I am waiting to move to WP!

  12. Smitha said

    Can I tell you same pinch on all those points? I am so so so messy, that I drive husband crazy. I am a cleanliness freak but very untidy – mad combination, let me tell you 🙂

    I am all with you about Winters – I wish I could hibernate too. And the same with blogs! I have too much to read, and no time at all 😦

  13. That is your eye? No way! Somebody drew it… no? 😀
    I am so happy you moved, now its going to be so easy to comment here 🙂

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