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The ongoing war..

Posted by Pepper on November 23, 2010

Every time I read posts where you girls write about the way your husbands/boyfriends toil, work hard and serve you, I am filled with deep agony. I am telling you, stop writing such posts. My bhatakti aatma (wandering soul?) will haunt you.

I wish I could write such stories about Mint too. But I won’t lie about him. He is the laziest person to have lived. I wish I could say how hard working I was and how I worked around the house. But I wont lie about myself either. I am lazier than him. Yes, its possible. Don’t ask me how.

Both of us constantly try to escape any kind of chore that requires any physical movement. We keep trying to sweet talk each other into doing it. Sometimes it works. Other times it doesn’t.

On week days, I make the veggie/dal/sabzi, but I do not let him get away that easily. He makes the chapatis/rotis. This arrangement works well. But during weekends, our unfortunate alikeness results in war. If we are home, neither of us agrees to move our ass. We both keep urging each other to get out of bed and whip up a meal. At times, he agrees to go and do it. But not right away. ‘Haan, I’ll go in 5 minutes, pakka’, is his standard response. What the hell? That has always been MY LINE to my mom! Soon the 5 minutes have extended to 20 and there is no sign of any movement from him. ‘GO RIGHT NOW!’, my screech is loud enough to shatter glasses within a 50 mile radius. Really, I can’t even strangle him. Why would I say that without trying?

Sometimes, miracles happen. I actually find him in the kitchen cooking an elaborate meal. This has helped me sharpen my reflexes. I run out the very moment he sees me, before he can ask me, ‘baby, can you chop this for me please?’.

And then, there are times when he *does* serve me in hand. That is every single time we eat dosas. Because he is the only one who knows to make them. I am smart. I never tried learning.  So do you know why I love stocking up the dosa batter. * Wicked grin *


34 Responses to “The ongoing war..”

  1. Mint said

    “He makes the chapatis”

    Justice can not 4 words do to my rotis. This art deserves a post on its own.

  2. 1st? .. bet not … remove moderation plz! 😦

    Btw .. dosa batter stocking id a good idea .. but here some noble soul had once stumbled upon a You tube video and life was never the same with “i don’t know how to make this” statement ever! 🙄

    • Pepper said

      But you are first! I don’t even count Mint’s comment 😛
      What youtube video are you talking about? Anyway, no video can teach me how to pour and spread the batter on the pan without making a mess out of it.

  3. Scribbler said

    LOL peppy 🙂

  4. Tanishka said

    God this laziness is never going to leave us but thankfully when it comes to cooking I do it more than happily… 🙂

  5. DI said

    Oh, I hear you! We are pathetic too! And there is an ever growing pile of clothes on our bedside too! The only thing is, before I met The Dude, I did not know there was anyone lazier or mess-tolerant than me, and so now I am the one who ends up cleaning up more often!
    About the cooking bit, he does whip up awesome breakfasts once in a while, and that’s enough for me! I myself more assist the cooking, since we have his mom staying with us, but otherwise, not many complaints! 😉

  6. Bikram said

    i am thinking am i suppsoed to comment here or no cause the article is addressed to THOSE girls 🙂


  7. Scribbler said

    what mint reads and comments here too ? ahem,ahem peppy..you gotta be careful it seems 😉

  8. Nikita said

    its strangely romantic, u know.. 🙂 its in the same manner the way couples cook together, n get cozy int he kithen.. its like you two uncook togethr and get cozy sumwhere else 😉

  9. ajay said

    …and I thought only boys were lazy 😀 You’ve dispelled a great myth, Pepper 😛

  10. Smitha said

    How cute! In our case, husband is definitely the lazier one. Right now, I do the cooking, because I am the one at home. When we were nboth working, we decided to outsource our ‘non core-competency’ jobs to others 🙂 We had a cook 🙂

    Atleast Mint says 5 minutes – husband will call the pizza delivery, if he has to be the one responsible for a meal 😦

  11. LOL! We too have these days where we compete for warming the sofa/bed 😛
    I do the *very important things*(I say) when AB is in the kitchen or he’ll be irritating me with ‘chop this’, ‘grind this’, ‘where do we keep haldi’ etc 😛
    Mens 😛 🙄

  12. Roop Rai said

    lol i totally see us in you guys.

    including the him making dosas and me not learning. 😀 😀

  13. Vimmuuu said

    this is one post which I shouldnt let my wife read !! 😀 😀 😀

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