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Of being phoneless

Posted by Pepper on November 28, 2010

On Thursday night we went to have dinner at my uncle’s place. He is my dad’s brother. It was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, corn bread, beans, pumpkin pie, etc. Living close to family has some advantages.

Anyway, on Friday afternoon, I needed to make a call and noticed my cell phone was missing. Yes, it took me an entire night and half a day to even notice my phone was missing. That goes to show how exciting my social life is, doesn’t it?

I first thought Mint was playing around and had probably hidden it somewhere. After the previous cell phone saga, I don’t trust him an inch. But after talking to him I crossed out that possibility. That still didn’t bother me and I continued to remain unperturbed. Misplacing things is such a common occurrence in  my life, that it fails to make me even blink an eyelid now. I casually looked around the house. It wasn’t to be seen. So I coolly assumed it must be lying on the floor of the car. I was so sure it would be in the car, since I couldn’t see it anywhere at home that I didn’t even bother to go up to the car and check.

So I stopped searching for it and got busy with other stuff. My lack of concern for my phone, does speak of my arrogance and my ‘take for granted’ attitude. Soon the day turned to night. At around 9 pm I got a call from my cousin. She said I had left my phone behind at their place and said she was surprised I hadn’t called them for so long to check. ‘Ohh, so its with you! I’ve been looking for it all day and searching the entire place!’, I lied.

Why would I want her to know of my uncaring attitude or my non existent social life? So well, the phone is still at their place. We haven’t found time to collect it yet. And doubt we will, until Tuesday evening. Till then, I shall remain phoneless.


25 Responses to “Of being phoneless”

  1. wow.. I wish I could be like tht.. ppl say I am addicted to my phone! And I often wake up at the middle of the night and start to hunt it .. err no no not for anything else .. but I have thing strange childhood habit of checking time whenever I open my eyes after sleeping 😉

    • Pepper said

      I used to be addicted to my phone when I lived away from Mint. That time it was mainly to talk to him. Now I don’t care 😛 I only want a phone to talk to my parents, for that, I have Mint’s phone.

  2. Scribbler said

    aah losing phones? I’ve lost 5 in past 8 years… 😀 So now I’m used to all the hassles that take place after that and the trauma of losing the phone-book et al….


  3. Tanishka said

    How many phones have you lost by far…???? 😉

  4. Nikita said

    seriusly? i just can’t live without mine…despite my beign very careless fortunately i havent lost any ( touchwood) but they always need some repairing… 😉

  5. Bikram said

    I better not loose mine I will be lost without it it has all my contacts, emails everythinggggggggg

    glad u found it back but i do wish i can go back to the time when we did not need phones .. I seriously do wish that


  6. I wouldn’t know where my phone is the whole day but I hate the feeling when I lose it! Happened just once, a guy nicked it and ran in front of my eyes 😦

  7. Titaxy said

    I would be like you if I lost my phone…except my parents would panic if they can’t get hold of me. But other than them, there’s not much use of that phone 😛

    • Pepper said

      Exactly! Now my parents can always get hold of me by calling on Mint’s phone. Get married T! Then your parents needn’t panic when you lose a phone 😛

  8. Smitha said

    I wish I could be like you! I am so uneasy if I can’t find my phone. I think I have my phone with me – all the time! It’s almost a part of me 😦

  9. ajay said

    I used to love my phone until my little sis snatched my dear Nokia E5 and gave me her ancient-age mobile instead which has no feature at all, not even radio or mp3! And now when I plan to buy a new one, she says she’ll trade that with my older E5 😦

  10. Roop Rai said

    ah who needs phone when ye got facebook :p!

  11. DI said

    Wow! I feel so lost without a phone :o! I am surprised you didn’t realise it was missing for so long 😐

  12. Vimmuuu said

    woah, now thats what I call weird ! 😀 😀 😀

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