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I am a loyal slave..

Posted by Pepper on December 5, 2010


I liked you the moment I was introduced to you. Little did I know you would become such an addiction. Functioning without you seems so unimaginable. I cling to you when life is tough. I look forward to the warmth you offer and that bitter sweet taste you leave on my lips. I hope you will continue getting me through rough sleepless nights. You are a charmer, and the world falls for your tempting traits, but you have to give me credit for my sheer loyalty. I love you, my steaming mug of coffee.


There is something about coffee, that makes me its slave. The fresh aroma, the comforting taste, the flavourful addiction..  I was reading my old blog and realised that I’ve always been loyal to coffee. I wouldn’t have gotten through so many deadlines and submissions if my all night affairs were not accompanied by this magical potent. I might like some hot masala chai on some days, but I don’t find any  beverage as soothing as coffee. And a cup of filter coffee is enough to send me into a blissful coma.

These days, I take my cup of coffee to the backyard and savour every sip before the morning chores begin. On most days, its cold outside, especially in the mornings, but that is what makes me relish the warmth of the brew as it slides down my throat.


33 Responses to “I am a loyal slave..”

  1. Swaram said

    I am a total filter kaapi fan 😀 I dnt drink either tea/coffee on a regular basis, but I do turn to it whenever I feel cold, bored or any of them 😛 😛
    Well written 🙂

  2. ajay said

    Very true about meeting deadlines and working through the nights. Hadn’t it been for coffee I’d have messed up with me tests and exams 😀 And you wrote it so well that I thought it was dedicated to someone until I read the last that is. 😛

  3. DI said

    Coincidentally, I settled down with my cup for the day, and opened this very post! 🙂 Totally agree!

  4. Tanishka said

    Can’t say much on this one as I don’t take tea or coffee but you surely are loyal to coffee, after all not every one writes a thank you note for coffee…. 🙂

  5. Bikram said

    No comments os far so i am firstttt …

  6. Bikram said

    You are a coffee drinker wowow Way to go girl cause ME TOO.. I cant seem to work sanely without that cup of Coffee and I need them you are not going to beleive me but i have this cup at work and its A BIG MASSIVE CUP, at least half a litre goes in there .. SO I got to have that … he he hhe

    and yes i truly truly like the article cause I am loyal tooo jsut as you towards my coffeee

    I like to beat mine, so i got a jar full of beaten coffee and hmmmmmmmmm its simply sumptous (is that a word) 🙂

  7. Know what? These days I don’t have my morning coffee if I don’t have the time to sit and drink it nice and slow, relishing it 😛

    Hail Coffee! 😀

    • Pepper said

      I know, its such an insult to rush through your coffee! 🙂 But if i have absolutely no time, I’d rather gulp it down instead of letting go of it..

  8. Smitha said

    I LOVE coffee too! And the coffee I crave most for, is filter coffee – which I just can’t perfect 😦 But yes, I love love love coffee in all forms 🙂

  9. Titaxy said

    oh what joy it must be to relax every morning in the backyard with your beloved coffee !

  10. True that! I mean I can keep on nodding my head and pledge my acedence to such loyalty…NOTHING in the whole wide world puts a smile on my face than the smell of freshly brewed coffee 9ok a bit stretched 😉 😉 .. but lets consider it that way 😉 😉 )

  11. Hellow!
    Followed here through lot of common blog friends! 😀
    I think I added you on Reader sometime during the blog break I took, so ended up reading most of your posts! Commenting for the first time though! 🙂
    I don’t take tea/coffee, but posts like these make me wish I was a coffee addict. Sounds so cool and hep! 8)

  12. Vimmuuu said

    Oh, I just lovve the smell of coffee! But I stopped drinking tea and coffee 4 years ago. Just like that; I thought I was getting addicted! Now, I am a total teetotaller!

  13. Deeps said

    Ha ha ha..I almost got tricked into believing after reading the first few lines, that it was a mushy-mushy post for your prince charming 😀

    Not a coffee-person, I’m more of a tea-loyalist though, but there are times when it does give me the much needed kick when I feel tired or lethargic 🙂

  14. Dew said

    I love the aroma of a filter coffee 🙂 it tastes yummmm 🙂

  15. I tell you to move to WP and then go away on vacation to come back to you having made a new home and posted so many posts..and I missed it all. So first things first..welcome to your new home..hope you like it here.

    Next..I am not a tea/coffee fan. Milk it is for me..and water..my drinks of choice.

  16. […] My beloved backyard. How many times I had stood in there, pondering about life. That is where I used to have my morning cup of coffee. That is where we were surprised by the springing of a mysterious rose plant. And here I was again, […]

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