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Blog match-making anyone?

Posted by Pepper on December 22, 2010

While talking, Revs and I came up with a brilliant idea that we thought needed to be patented right away. The following post has been written by her 😀

“Technically, our generation is supposed to be this polished, civilized and broad-minded generation. Atleast, most of us. Gone are the days when parents analyzed status, religion, caste, subcaste, groups, subgroups, checked and double checked bank balances and jobs, matched horoscopes, either side of parents checked if the anatomy of the bride and groom were intact, if the complexion(!) and heights matched, discussed the number of sovereigns of gold and silver that would be ‘offered’ by the bride’s side along with utensils, electronics, clothes including underwear, footwear etc., even before showing the bride and groom photos of the other. All that is gone now. Atleast in most families.Young adults these days want to choose their lives. The look for a ‘partner’ in the true sense of the word. They look for a certain comfort level and compatibility. Religion or caste or financial status isn’t a big deal to them. They want to meet, get to know, consider their choice and see if they can work through the differences. They want that freedom of choice. Having said that, in this super fast and busy pace of life when everyone is prancing around to go up the professional ladder, it’s unlikely for these young adults to meet others like them. They have targets to meet, appraisals to work for, lives to save and blogs to update! 

Did we just say blogs? Ah haaa! Considering people write so much about their lives – what’s happening with them, what they like, what irks them, what does it for them, how they want their funeral to be like(Hi Judy!) and all that on their blogs, wont blogs be a great way of match-making? If you are worried about how genuine the details in a blog would be, I’d say the chances are as good/bad as trusting what a person puts up on a matrimony profile(remember the very famous ‘traditional girl/guy with modern outlook’?) or even trusting what someone tells you in person about them!

Pepper and I came up with this emmm revolutionary idea – blogmatrimony.com! We are so patenting this! (23rd December, 2010, 11.20am IST)

So interested bloggers can all just sign up there. While signing up, you might have to answer a few basic questions about yourself and all that. Then, a member of our blogmatrimony team will go through the individual’s blog and verify a few facts. References and validation from fellow bloggers can be very much welcome! Oh, we could also have a few rating style questions for members to answer. Like:

  • On a scale of 0 to slutty, how would you rate your dressing style?
  • On a scale of 0 to jerk, how would you describe yourself?
  • On a scale of 0 to constipated turtle, how lazy are you?
  • On a scale of 0 to Samantha Jones(Sex and the City), how would you rate your sexual history?
  • On a scale of 0 to smelly cat, how would you rate your personal hygiene?
  • On a scale of 0 to Mark Zuckerberg, how geeky are you?

So based on all the details provided and verifications done, we could categorize the profiles and then let the fun begin! Single bloggers can meet each other this way knowing that they have atleast one common interest already – blogging! We aim to create massive employment opportunities as well through this site.

  • Those of you sitting there all day in your office and blog-hopping and getting paid for it, let us indulge you as well. You could refer blogs of single bloggers to us and alternatively, you could refer our site to them.
  • Those of you sitting there all day at home in your PJs and aimlessly blog-hopping and watching random youtube videos, you could do the same as above as well.
  • Those of you who go around various blogs, read about all their problems and dish out relationship gyan, you could join our team of in-house relationship experts. You could have been divorced thrice already for all we care, but as long as you can give out advice like free colour tv, we are good.
  • Those of you who enjoy photography and are good at it, you could all come and do some wedding photography maybe? Or even take profile pictures for our members? Come on children, it’s time to be mutually beneficial now.
  • We’re also looking for lawyers(Arpita?) to take care of the legal side of matters. You know, sue anyone who steals our idea and all that. And if any of those bloggers married via our site are looking for divorce lawyers.

About the Founders:

Pepper is a pretty Indian girl who met the love of her life seven years ago, on his blog. They bonded over comments and the rest as they say, is a fairy tale! Now they are married and she’s undoubtedly the pioneer of blog love!

Revs is a single blogger who lives in mortal fear of all those creepy guys out there in the marriage market who copy fancy, flowery words from other matrimony profiles, to their own. She’s someone who knows the pain of pragmatic, single bloggers.

Deadly combo, isn’t it?

Are we awesome or what! Come join us before we become too famous and rich to be talking to mere mortals like you! ;)

PS – I didn’t  bribe her to add that pretty bit. Promise



28 Responses to “Blog match-making anyone?”

  1. revsjoiedevivre said

    *giggle* This was SO much fun!! 😀

  2. Tanishka said

    This is a superb idea… And I’m jobless too… 😀
    Those scales of ratting questions are so funny… 🙂

  3. Pepper way to go! 😀
    Revs vetti aafiser 😛

  4. Smitha said

    Brilliant! You guys should so patent this idea 🙂

  5. Swaram said

    I so wanna read ur blog-comment love story 😉

  6. Bikram said

    a computer programmer … well settled … british citizen .. 🙂 thats me BIKRAM

  7. Bikram said

    I know sharepoint, and have other skills tooo in case you got a job going, mine present one is in real danger from january so please I will take anything …

  8. ajay said

    “A single, innocuous idea of blogging can change your life. Come and experience the fun at blogmatrimony.com. It’s about life, finding matches and applying your awesome skills to a whole lot of funny and exciting things apart, of course, from blogging! Mission : Taking blogging to a whole new level. Connecting bloggers in the blogosphere is our aim.” How does it sound as an advertisement for the idea? I can handle the marketing and adv. part in your company and the technical details in building the website. 😀 Keeping my fingers crossed! 😀

  9. hehe…cool idea.

    Does the website have LIKE and FLAG buttons and ADD TO THE BASKET options??

    Year 2040: How I met your father? explains a lady to her children – way back in 2010, i used to blog and in between visit shaadi.com and bharath matrimony with no luck.Then came together two kind people who designed a blogmatrimony. I registered with the site and came across this co blogger and co-blogmatrimony member. he was rated between 5 and 6 on a few parameters against which the site was grading him. I instantly liked him. A few other co bloggers liked him too [including one of the founder members of the site who was single then :)]. But I fought for him and we got married and lived happily ever after!

  10. Hey! Came from Revs’ infamous crosspost 😀
    Like your blog already!

  11. DI said

    Nice idea! Only, I happen to know only single women bloggers 😐 Hope there are lot of guy references too :P! Look forward to this, and don’t forget to publish your ‘achievements’! 😉

    • Pepper said

      That’s true.. I see more single women bloggers too.. but perhaps the single male bloggers will surface once we set this up.. Of course.. the success stories will be shouted from the roof tops.. 😛

  12. sb said

    he hee` great post – loved it 😉 😛

    n man! it feels real good cos am reading one particular blog like this after a looong time` 🙂

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