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Hong Kong..

Posted by Pepper on January 3, 2011

was super! We had a lovely holiday. To record our little vacation, I am going to scribble down some observations and of course a few tidbits.

We landed in HK late evening after a long and painful flight. This time we had no personal TV screens, no window seat and terrible service. I could’ve shot myself in the brain. Just out of boredom. As expected, I was kinda mind f*cked by the time we arrived. Which is why I didn’t take it the sights around me then.

And when I did, the first thing that hit me was the vibrancy. HK is a young and lively place with a very impressive sky line. The roads are narrow with towering buildings closing in on you from all sides. That did make me feel a little claustrophobic. A lot of the buildings there have gaping holes in the middle. We were told it was for the spirit of the dragon to fly through. Interesting eh?

We were staying in the midst of some Chinese medicine market. So we had to walk through streets where they sold huge lizard skeletons by the dozen. I thought, traveling in Bangkok had hardened me enough to endure such sights, but this stuff made me cringe all the same. Walking in the city also gave us a chance to see the interesting things they eat.


The temperature was around 12 degrees and even then, I felt cold! As a result, I have a stupid winter cap on in all the pictures.

Traveling in the city was so easy. The cabs are cheap! Unlike how it is in UK and USA. And we found the place relatively cheaper than other countries on the whole. Things like shopping and eating out seemed so affordable. Or perhaps it was cos we were converting the prices to USD. Anyway, I did shop and buy myself some nice stuff.

I was surprised to see good beaches there. Blue water and pale sand. Brilliant! The food was pretty good too. On our last day there, we went to some authentic Chinese restaurant. The food was so sumptuous, we ate to our heart’s content.

There was some confusion at the airport regarding the terminal we had to go to. That caused a delay and we ended up having some nail biting moments. Or rather I did. Mint is pretty unperturbed in such situations. But my polished nails get chipped off with all the biting that comes their way. We walked in to the aircraft during the last call. It was a fun trip!

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