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India so far..

Posted by Pepper on January 7, 2011

So here is the update on our trip so far. I realise my blog is turning into one of those boring diaries that simply hold records of the ongoing events. But never mind, there is too much happening and I want it to be stored in these pages.

We landed in Mumbai a little past mid night, more than a week ago. We were picked up from the airport by P and her dad. Do I have any old readers who remember these names? Anyway, so instead of walking home in the middle of the night and terrifying my parents, we decided to stay at P’s place for the night and go home early in the morning the next day. It was around 8 am in the morning when we were standing outside the main door of my house. How I wish I had the sense to carry a camera and capture the reactions of my parents when they saw us. My dad forgot the fact that I don’t live home anymore, and for a few seconds thought I had just gone out and I was coming home like any other day. LOL. And then suddenly, it occurred to him and he went ‘AREY?!’, complete with wide eyed shock. My mom walked out of the room and spotted us. She then stood there open mouthed, unable to believe her eyes. The surprise was totally worth it.

It’s been a while since I’ve been home now and I am totally loving it. I can’t view this city or country as an outsider and remark about the changes that have taken place. I will leave that to the typical NRIs. They are the kinds who visit the country, move around with bottled water, comment on the traffic, feel surprised when they realise that ‘you get everything here these days!’. I have no idea why, but they annoy me. I can never ever view this place with the eyes of an outsider. This is home. So I can’t/don’t notice the changes, just like people living here wouldn’t notice them. I won’t lose immunity to street food, however unhygienic it is, or I won’t notice the increasing potholes. This is where I belong and it is all a part of my home.

We’ve been meeting relatives every day, and they all have the same thing to say the moment they set their eyes on me. ‘You’ve not gained weight at all after marriage’. Yes, I am aware of that. And I do not understand why marriage would make me gain weight. Oh well..

In other news, we have been eating. I mean, really EATING. How can anybody resist the food in India? We binge, we overeat, and then we eat again. Especially Mint. A lot of times when we visit relatives, he plonks himself on the couch, and attacks the food on the table in quiet comfort. No conversing, no disturbance, simply indulging. This trip has also made me realise how very different Mint is when he is alone with me. He’s playful, talkative, affectionate and showers me with cuddles and kisses. In front of other people, he’s quiet, serious, solemn, and sensible. What does it say about him, or me?

So yes, we’ve been busy having a good time. I don’t get sufficient time to catch up on all my favourite blogs, but I try. We’re off to Chennai in the next two days. The most exciting thought is that of food. And filter coffee. Of course. I hope I get to post soon. Ta!

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