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Lessons learnt!

Posted by Pepper on January 27, 2011

I love embarrassing myself. It’s a hobby. There’s no other explanation.

Conversation # 1

Aunt: So how’re you doing?

Me: I am great. How’s D? (Her daughter). Which college is she going to?

Aunt: HR.

Me: *Thoughtfully calculating the said daughter’s age* Oh, she’s twenty two right? I am sure she has passed away by now.

I knew I had something wrong when a silent, horrified gaze stared back at me.  And then quick realisation dawns.

Me:  I am sorry, I meant passed out by now. ( I was referring to college. What?..)

She didn’t respond much after that and just moved away.

Lesson learnt: Think twice before you talk, you asshole.

Conversation # 2

Friend: So do you and Mint ever fight?

Me: Of course! But then we make out and it’s all good.

Friend: Ohhh! Nice! * Giggles *

Me:  *Realisation dawns*  Err, I am sorry. I mean’t we make up and then it’s all good.

Lesson learnt: Take the advice you give yourself seriously.


32 Responses to “Lessons learnt!”

  1. bwaahahahahahha 😀 😀

    Make out 😀 😀 but that too, right? 😉

    Oooh, the first one has happened to me too, but in a different way…and its soooooo embarrassing!

  2. Titaxy said

    LOL @ convo #2 😀 😀 😀

  3. Smitha said

    LOL! Those were classic 🙂

  4. bikram said

    He he he me too I need to think what I sy toooo but i t made me smile your conversation.
    I guess u r back …

  5. 😆
    Is there more in this series? Would love more stories! 😆

  6. Scribby said

    embarrassing ? ROFL to me it is 😉

  7. Chatterbox said

    😆 cute…it happens with everyone of us 😆

  8. Deboshree said

    Hahahha =)) this was priceless.

  9. Swaram said

    Ha ha ha 😉 😉

  10. Tanishka said

    ROFL… Cool way to end the fight by the way… 😉

  11. ajay said

    Social gaffes! I’ve committed many. Once in school when I had just started it, I mistook my English teacher as a sweeper. Imagine my situation when she got on the stage in the morning assembly and start speaking in English! There are many. Hey, I can write a post on it. 😀

  12. We want more goof ups. Come on pepper u can do it 😀

    p.s. sags told me you had mailed. internet at home – not working – will mail u back by end of day.

  13. Deeps said

    OOOOPS!! 😆

    LOL..that was hilarious!!

  14. make out, huh? 😛

  15. Ashwathy said

    Glad to find someone like-minded in this!!! :mrgreen:

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