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My thoughts on blogging..

Posted by Pepper on January 28, 2011

A more fitting title would have been, ‘Confessions of a blogger’. Because more than voicing my thoughts and opinions, I am making confessions that I haven’t made before.

1)  Going by my observations, the blogs I end up really liking are the ones that have a distinct personality. The writer has a signature style of writing, which distinguishes him/her from the rest. Some bloggers are funny. They rely primarily on humour. Some others only write about deep analytical stuff, like feminism, current affairs, etc. Some expose a completely personal nature. It’s not just the content, but I always believe my writing lacks a personality, which is why I wouldn’t rate it too well.

2) Bad Grammar completely turns me off. And I come across way too many blogs, where the blogger doesn’t respect Grammar. Punctuations and articles are often missing. The writing seems haphazard. At first, I’d judge these bloggers and think they are not worthy of my time. I still judge them, but  now I read them, and even comment on their posts sometimes, even if I think they are shabbily presented. I don’t know why. And yes, at times when I read such blogs, I can’t help but feel my writing is superior. Perhaps I should stop being so snooty.

3) I have come to realise that the content, style and quality of your writing has very little to do with how popular your blog is. Some times I discover brilliant blogs that have very few or no comments trailing their posts. Other times I come across blogs which seem very mediocre, mundane, or sometimes even poor and incoherent and yet they have trillions of comments glorifying their blogs. It all comes down to how much you socialise in the blog world. It’s all about making your presence known. This does not apply to very popular bloggers who have carved a niche for themselves, but for the majority of us, it’s true. A lot of times, I don’t have the enthusiasm to comment, even though I read the posts enthusiastically.

4) Comments are addictive. When I didn’t have them, I didn’t miss them. Now I enjoy the interaction. But I do think people comment on my blog mostly because I comment on theirs. The day I stop, I’ll hardly have any comments on mine. There was a point, when I didn’t comment on a post if I had nothing worth while to say. Now I do. Even if it is a lame ‘Lol’. The comment is more like a stamp of my validated presence on their blog. Like signing the attendance register of their blog perhaps? I have the time and the patience to do it now. The day I don’t, I’ll stop. I am quite comfortable with the idea of having a blog with zero comments. I do, and will always continue to write for myself.

5) Using too many emoticons while writing blog posts bothers me. Facial expressions like :), :D, :P, etc are alright while chatting. But when you write, I like using only words to express myself and convey how I feel. It’s harder, yes. Emoticons definitely go a long way in depicting your mood and tone. But I like the challenge of translating my emotions into words. And isn’t that the whole purpose of writing? Note – I see a lot of bloggers using  numerous emoticons in their posts. I don’t mean to judge them. This is simply my opinion, an honest confession of how I feel.

6) I heart mommy bloggers. Some of my favourite bloggers are about 8 to 10 years older than I am. They have kids who have moved past toddlerhood and are now little adults. It’s been fascinating to watch them grow. These blogs have made me think of my parenting philosophies, broadened my perspective and made me grow as an individual. What saddens me is that I continue to be a lurker on their blogs. Or even if I am not, it continues to be one way interaction. These bloggers are usually too busy to blog hop. A lot of times I’ve wished they’d read my blog and get to know me.

7) I am extremely jealous when I see such solid bonds of friendship amongst bloggers. Seeing them plan surprise birthday themes, baby showers, sending gifts across different cities and countries, being on each other’s speed dials makes me eye them with severe envy. Because I’ve never been the recipient of such blog love. Nor do I see it happening. Alas.

8 ) My stats always tell me I have a lot of lurkers haunting my space. I can relate to these guys well, considering I’ve been a lurker myself for the longest time. At the same time I do wish I’d get a chance to say hello to these folks .

9) I usually skip commenting on a post if I see more than a 100 comments there. It’s intimidating. And here, I talk of genuine comments. Not cases where your comment space has turned into a  mini chat room.

10) One thing that makes me instantly judge a blogger is him/her ignoring a comment in which he/she has been praised for his/her writing. I find it extremely rude. Imagine someone complimenting you for some reason in real life and you just ignoring the said person? The least you can do is say a ‘Thank you’. In my eyes, nothing justifies the silence.

So that is it. My true opinions on blogging that are usually concealed from the blog world. They are thoughts that lie unspoken, because it is either rude to talk about, embarrassing to admit, or politically incorrect. Do I come across as rude? I hope not. But if at all I do, I’ll live with that label. But if I can’t be honest and outright on my blog, where can I ? This also makes me wonder if I am the only one who has such fierce opinions on this medium, or am I the only one who voices them..

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