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I have reasons to love this place!

Posted by Pepper on February 1, 2011

It’s been a while since Mint is back in the US. While I miss him like crazy, I cannot overlook the perks of living at home. It’s a different thing that the word ‘home’ conjures up multiple images in my brain. But right now, I am talking about the home I’ve lived in for the longest time, with my parents.

– One of the biggest advantages is that I am not the primary care taker. In fact, I am not the care taker at all. When I live here, I am simply one of my mom’s little girls. I get yelled at for being lazy, I get pampared, I get to make demands and watch them getting fulfilled, I get to lie on the couch with my legs up and watch TV, knowing that everything will be taken care of by people around me. ‘Spoilt brat’ is what my mom would always call me and wonder how I will be able to run a home by myself if and when I have to. Well, I do things when I have to do them. Unfortunately my mom finds that hard to believe. For her, I continue to be a spoilt brat. Suits me I say. And I suspect, secretly, that’s how she likes it.

– My maid greets me with hugs and happy tears. I love feeling this cosy blanket of love.

– Family time. It’s precious. There are evenings when the four of us sit back in our living room, doing nothing in particular, but yet having so much of fun. My dad, who I believe is the king of lame jokes, keeps us entertained. I see my mom in the kitchen sometimes, dancing funnily as she cooks, making me and my sister laugh. I love our time in the car as well. My dad,  sis and I always gang up against mom, and let the music play at a thrilling volume. And hear her scream at us asking us to lower the volume. How much I love these guys.

– Girl time. It’s refreshing. I spent a night with my girl pals after ages. Five of us, everybody spending the night at my place. Raiding my wardrobe and ransacking my room, wearing mis matched pajamas, driving around mischievously and being a bundle of giggles, exchanging stories, male bashing, guilt free hogging, prying on facebook to see what other people from our school are upto, more giggling. Oh, bliss.

– My sister. For me, she’s the official brat. I am a good six years elder to her. The little lady is eighteen. And how much I love annoying her. Slapping her ass, tickling her, making her choke when she is drinking water, watching her spew it out and get mad, squeezing her fingers till she screams and cries, shaking her violently for no real reason, what fun! I harrass her so much when I am around. I ruin her peace. She keeps asking me to go away. And when I am gone, she is the one who misses me the most. Understandably so, we’ve always shared a room, and late night secrets along with that. I know I am going to miss this.

– Reliving old times. A lot of times, my sis and I would shut the bedroom door, blast the music, jump on the bed and dance. If my dad happened to pass by, he’d keep asking us to get off the bed, worried that it would get damaged with our combined weight. At times we’d listen, at times we’d just continue laughing and dancing till he came and phsyically pulled us down. Yesterday, we did the same thing. Shut the door, got on to the bed and danced, to this song.

– Meeting people. This one has been a little troublesome. I seem to have too many social obligations. All I wanted to do was to sit back and relax at home. But all that I end up doing is going for lunches or dinners to my relatives houses. Or they come home. Mom’s side of the family, dad’s side of the family, mom’s friend’s, dad’s friends, my friends, it never ends. And it takes up my entire day. At one point I was getting mad, and then I realised how arrogant I am being. People genuinely want to meet me. And although it is stressful for me and doesn’t leave me with time for anything else, I should stop being so pricey.

– Shopping. Not just the stores, boutiques and malls, but the roads. Colaba causeway, Linking road, Hill road. I love buying silver junk from these places. Yesterday I also happened to look at the lingerie they sell on the streets of Linking Road. Honestly, I think they sell the very same stuff in the stores, which I happened to be at just the previous day. While I was skimming through the pile, the guy holds up a fire engine red bra and tells me, ‘Yeh colour aapko bohut suit karega madam’. Ehh, you telling me what colour will suit me is creepy dude. And this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Has anybody noticed that all lingerie and inner wear stores mostly have men behind the counters, attending to women. I really don’t care anymore, but as an awkward fifteen year old, I didn’t like a man telling me to try size no x or whatever.

– While walking on the streets, I find a man carrying a load on his head. Every few seconds, he bellows ‘Haiiiyyaaaa’. So I stopped him and asked him what the ‘Haiyya’ was all about. He said using his lung strength to say that out aloud acts as an energy booster. I tried figuring out how using your energy by shouting would help you obtain more energy. But whatever, these little things go a long way in adding flavour to this country.

– I love this place and these people. Now I have less than a week left before I leave and go back to big, bad America. Sob, sniff, sigh.


36 Responses to “I have reasons to love this place!”

  1. Scribby said

    1st by any chance ?

  2. Tanishka said

    Family time is always fun and harassing younger bro or sis is super fun…. 😀
    Shopping in mumbai can be exhaustive but you can never miss on it… The markets there have awesome stuff… 🙂

    Pepper I simply love to read all your India trip posts… They are straight from the heart… Keep writing gal… 🙂

  3. Oh my! I was sitting on a train to work, you sent me to nostalgia land 😀
    How am I supposed to find my way back???

    You actually stopped a man and asked him what Haiyya was all about? If yes, you have a fan in me. 😀

  4. ajay said

    Loved this post. Happy, nostalgic times. 🙂

  5. Bikram said

    what you planning to get us all who feel homesick MORE HOMESICK aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    and HAiyaa Zor laga ke Haiyaa Dam laga ke HAiyaa 🙂 awesome

    oh man THIS YEAR for sure INDIA here i come I got to relive all you have said .. its funny after the visit when you reach US of the A 🙂 you will feel very rejuvinated , I always feel that way when i reach uk and BRING IT ON is what i feel…

    meeting people yeah i use to feel that way why they want to waste my time , i dont want to but now i dont , cause of all the love GENUINE love even if it lasts for a second it is there …all the maasi’s hugging and when i have to leave the crying starts I tell them not to cause it makes me sad and my youngest maasi , she doesnot let go of me …..

    awesome post my type of post he hehe:)

  6. Chatterbox said

    A heart-warming beautiful post 😛
    Good luck for the times ahead 😀 😀

  7. Swaram said

    Beautiful post! The flavour of this country and everything abt it – loved this post 🙂

  8. I dont know why but i felt like crying at the end of your post…I miss home soooooo much and can totally relate with all the points.

  9. Titaxy said

    enjoy the week to the fullest 😀

  10. I loved this post!! And damn, do I miss India now :-((

    • Pepper said

      I can imagine. I always read posts about India and get nostalgic when I am not here.. Hope you get a chance to visit and create your own memories soon 🙂

  11. priyaiyer said

    Awww such a cute post. Could relate to each and every word of it.
    Though I’m in India only, I love the whole process of going to my mom’s place in Ahmedabad. I can just put my feet up and sleep the whole day there if I want to. I don’t have to lift a finger. 😀 Plus the perks of mom’s food and friends and old memories and shopping. 🙂

  12. You have a great vacation, girl!

  13. Smitha said

    This post takes me back to my holidays at home 🙂 Yes, the best part is not being the primary caregiver 🙂 I even hand over Poohi to my parents and just relax! Oh what bliss! I can’t wait for July to come now 🙂

  14. revsjoiedevivre said

    I just came here to laugh. Bwahahahahahahahahaaa!

  15. Tha sounds lovely Pepper. I feel the same way whenever I am ‘back home’. Especially the ‘not being primary caretaker’ part 🙂 Hope you had a fun time, girl!

  16. Roop Rai said


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