A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint


Posted by Pepper on February 11, 2011

I’ve been sitting on my bed, crouched up, white with fear. It’s been a while. I am hungry and thirsty, but I lack the courage to move from this spot. Every dark shadow is making me hallucinate.

I’ll start from the beginning. I saw it when I was in the kitchen this morning, fixing myself some breakfast. A rat. My eyes popped out of their sockets and I did a double take. Then I did what any respectable girl would do. I screamed. Hysterically. Ran around in circles and screamed some more. After which I made a mad dash to the bedroom, thew myself on to the bed and called Mint.

‘There’s a rat in the house!’, I almost cried.  I was sure I’d break into sobs any minute. See, lizards, roaches and other such creatures repulse me. But I would survive. A rat in the house when I am all alone on the other hand is asking for far too much. So Mint asked me some questions and then finally told me to shut the bedroom door. Why hadn’t I shut the door earlier? Because I wasn’t sure where the cretin’s hideout was. What if it was in the bedroom? I didn’t wanna be locked inside, romancing the dude.

I haven’t seen it in the bedroom so far. In all this time, I’ve done some thoughtful analysis. Really, how did this fellow get in? I can think of no possible way. Are these rats or mice? Who cares about that anyway. Now that I have seen one, my mind isn’t at ease, obviously. What if the damn rat has more siblings in hiding? Cringe. What if our house has been serving as a maternity ward for these lovely creatures while we were holidaying in India? Double cringe.

I continue sitting here hunched up, without food or water. Somebody save me! *Sobs* I hope the rescue operations begin soon.


44 Responses to “Halp!”

  1. Bikram said

    You need to get some poison and sort it out .. put it in corners and then hope it takes the bait ..
    or buy some of those catches .. though i doubt if they will help and do it FAST dont want a family there cause they breed SUPER FAST

  2. Oh boy! I hate hate hate those creeps!

    Call the maintenance guys (at your leasing office maybe?) and let them come take a look?

    But until then, close that door and sit there on the bed ;-( Oh and google for rat-catching equipment 🙂


    • Pepper said

      That’s exactly what I did.. went over to the leasing office and asked them to take a look. They set up some traps and left. I still live in fear.. Thanks for the hugs! And hugs right back 🙂

  3. OK I am now going to tell u my experience…

    I was sleeping in my granny’s house on the bed. It was around mid night I felt like opening my eyes. I opened. I saw a pair of eyes looking at mine. No it was not any romantic mystery lover. It was a rat. I screamed, gave granny close to a heart attack.

    I didn’t visit her for as long as she lived in that house.

    Moral of the story- u are not safe sitting anywhere. Get rid of the bugger asap.

  4. Scribby said

    OMG you are so much like me peppy…could totally relate to your situation 😦

    Hope you’re rescued asap ..where is Mint gone ? 😦

  5. Titaxy said

    omg, reading this has gotten me all scared. i am so afraid of lizards, roaches and rats 😦

    hope Mint came back and took care of it 🙂

  6. Chatterbox said

    While you are waiting for halp grab something to attack the enemy just in case he or his siblings or off-springs make an appearance 😀 😀
    I would have loved to help you had I existed in your corner of the world, for rodents don’t scare me :mrgreen:
    Take care dear 😀

  7. Kartikay said

    Why don’t you listen to the Rat Pack? Hehe!

  8. Lol…better now??

  9. S said

    Mint is there, so thankfully you have a shoulder to cringe on..
    And you have google to tell you about “how to kill a rat” with instant ads on rat killing equipments..
    What else do you need?!! 😉
    I shall pray.


  10. Mint said

    Wait, how did you assume that it was a dude again? That thing you saw was its TAIL ok? :p

  11. *Joins you on the bed, screaming*
    Is it gone? 😮

  12. Swaram said

    Pleaseeeee take food and water! Else, u will nt even hv the energy to get up and get running if it climbs onto ur lap 😉

  13. Lucky you. I was the one in the family to catch rats, clean traps and dispose them. sigh.

    and Pepper, not to sound holier-than-thou, but do you think it’s fair to our Indian culture if you let a guy in(even if he is four legged) when Mint is away working? *runs away*

  14. Tanishka said

    So much for a rat… I find them cute 😀
    My mom is really scared of rats and so whenever one of the rats get trapped, I hold the trap and keep running behind her until she is almost into tears… What fun it is… 😀
    I know you want to kill me for this so I better run away… 😀 😀

  15. Saritha said

    Your are sweet u don’t want to kill the rat.

    When i was a kid if we spotted a rat in the house,we 3 sisters used to chase it and put a bedsheet on the rat and hit it shuttle bats.Then my dad used to throw it out…

  16. priyaiyer said

    LOL. hope the bugger is sorted out now 🙂
    I can so relate to the ‘any respectable girl’ part. That’s so much like what I would say – any girl worth her salt would scream on seeing a cockroach 😛

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