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Why I married him..

Posted by Pepper on February 18, 2011

I started dating Mint when I was in my third year of college.  But each time he steered towards topics like ‘marriage’, ‘long term’, ‘commitment’ etc, I’d chicken out. The ex had me bitten by commitment phobia and I could still feel its sting. So we started avoiding the said topics, and I was fine and dandy.

And then one day I happened to see some pictures of Mint. He was just back from one of his trips and had shared the picasa link of his album with me. While browsing through the pics, I noticed his car, and it was love at first sight. I showed the pics of the car to the sister, and we oohed and aahed and drooled together. Instantly, I had thoughts of driving around in that beauty and taking over the world. Maybe this is the guy who would build me a diamond studded palace after all? Even if he doesn’t, he would at least pass on his car to me. Hmm, maybe marrying him wouldn’t be such a bad idea. As you can see, I have all the signs that make me a genuine and a good human being.

Time went by. This time he knew he could approach the otherwise prohibited topic with more ease. ‘Will you marry me, someday?’, he asked me one night, while we were talking on phone. ‘Yes’, I replied without hesitation. ‘You have a very hot car’. And that is what I told him each time the topic was brought up.

Two years after that, we were married. I have happily taken possession of the car, ever since. Each time the car is brought up, I make sure he knows the car is no longer his, it’s mine! He being the wise guy, knows it isn’t sensible to argue with me and always picks peace of mind over ownership of his car. ‘Yes, it’s yours’, he says.

The problem only arises when other people corner us, asking us questions like, ‘what did you like about each other’, ‘why did you choose to marry him/her’, and other such demented crap. And before I can even think of an acceptably cheesy response, he says ‘No reason, she married me because she liked my car’. A lot of times there are elderly relatives involved, and the stunned silence indicates the shock they are under. The last time it happened, I went red, and in my lame attempt to undo the damage, I glared at him and said, ‘Don’t lie, okay?’, followed by, ‘Hehe, he’s just joking’.

The damage was already done.

Since the world now knows my secret, I shouldn’t care. At least, I can openly show my love for *my* car.


73 Responses to “Why I married him..”

  1. Titaxy said

    😀 it sure is a gorgeous car 😀

  2. first

  3. ajay said

    OMG! That car!! Now how would I sleep peacefully? The car will haunt me now. 😀

  4. Oooooh, gorgeous gorgeous car !!!! I totally see your point 😀 😀

  5. Ram pyaari said

    oooooo…its a beauty! I do not think any less of you after seeing the car!

  6. revsjoiedevivre said

    But of course! 😀 It’s YOUR car baby!

    PS: Poooooor Mint 😛 The things the Tam boy has to go through!

  7. And THAT is a truly good reason to marry him. What a car man!!!!!!!!!

  8. vimmuuu said

    Every husband has a sad story to tell !!! My sis (cousin) got married just because the guy had an amazing bike ! Whatever happened to all things thats related to love !! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Btw, nice car ! 😛

  9. Ashwathy said

    I was about to open my mouth and scold you for not saying a more logical reason to marry him…when my gaze fell on the fotos….and my jaw dropped!!! 😯 Whoa baby!!! Now THATS a car!!!

    Having said that, do give the poor guy a better reason to boost his self-esteem about why u married him na…he will always keep wondering whether it was his car or some other inanimate object! 😛

  10. bikram said

    Is that a toyota ahhhhhhh I forgot the name when I had come to canada for a holiday that the one I had hired.
    Now we know the real reason. Intwresting I need to buy myself one that what girls like hmmmm. I was so wrong in buying mine need to exchange it asoon he he he he

    God bless

  11. bikram said

    Poor mint I can understand how it feels what all a guy haa to do for the sake of love 🙂 he he he

  12. Smitha said

    Oooh! I love that car! Can’t fault you,Pepper for that reason 🙂

  13. S said

    I could imagine the stunned faces of the people 🙂
    but yes, car is reallly drool worthy.. Very smart of mint to give u a glimpse of the car at the right time 😉 😛

    • Pepper said

      To think of it, he wasn’t very smart. Had he given me a glimpse earlier, I wouldn’t have kept him on the edge for such a long time 😛 And even later on, I just happened to notice it. He didn’t advertise it on his own.

  14. Tanishka said

    OMG…. The car is a beauty… What better reason to get married…. 😀 😀

  15. We can all learn a thing or two from you 😛
    Paavam Mint, but its OK 😀

  16. Swaram said

    Ye hi hai right choice Pepper 😉

  17. Dev said

    The car IS hot!

  18. kanagu said

    wow.. that car is so nice 🙂 🙂

    I learned something here 😛 😛 something is missing with me 😀 😀

  19. R's Mom said

    Wow…thats just the perfect reason to marry the guy..and trust me this is coming from someone who hates driving and cant distinguish between a maruti zen and maruti 800 much to the digust of her husband…but girl! you are very very smart..I am surely impressed

    • Pepper said

      I can’t distinguish between cars either R’s Mom. For the longest time I didn’t know which car this was, and didn’t care to know either. All that matters is that it looks neat 😀

  20. DI said

    It’s a sexy car! Only, you are not supposed to announce underlying deep dark secrets like this in public 😮

  21. Hahaha..extremely candid and a funny tale. Becomes so much more interesting because its true 🙂

  22. Oregano said

    swapping the current wheel rims with a nice set could make it look hotter 🙂

  23. All is fair in love and car 😛

    Mint, every car has its own day 😉

  24. mahes said

    Nice car! Me too feel bad for the tamil boy 🙂 But one thing, you two are meant for each other, sounds cheesy huh?

  25. Mint said

    OK, why is everyone pitying me, feeling bad for me, paavam Mint etc etc. Seriously people, men climb the highest mountains, swim the seven seas and other crazy shit to get that “yes”.

    All I had to was show a picture of a car I already owned, and wham! A gem like Pepper is mine for life! (Preserved my masculine dignity too in the process) If anything, you should be jealous that I had it so easy :p

  26. Roop Rai said

    toyota celica, yeah? those were such brilliant cars! toyota had to mess up the new celicas …. but but but but toyota now has Scion TC which is even better than celica …. and I OWN IT Mu ha ha ha ha! and it’s crimson red!!! …. marry me now? lol

  27. Roop Rai said

    i just realized that i don’t like my arm being displayed as my gravatar!

  28. Phatichar said

    It’s all ‘car’ma, I tell ya

  29. scorpria said

    wow…sure is an awesome car!!

  30. Taa's mom said

    Way to go Pepper, my first car looked just the same, except it was a red Mitshubishi Eclipse. I liked the older pattern better, but by the time we bought in 2002 i think, it looked like Celica. i loved the Mitsubishi GT 3000 i think, even better, it was just so low slunk.. wow !!.The other cars which i considered was the Miata when i was in CA, and by the time we moved to Pittsburgh, we couldnt buy it as it was not conducive to winters ;(… what a bummer. Those were the days. Now i wouldnt trade my minivan for anything.

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